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How to enable email verification on signup?

  1. Open aMember CP.
  2. Click Forms Editor from menu.
  3. Click edit icon opposite signup form which you want to have email verification enabled.
  4. On Form Edit Screen click configure email brick.
  5. In configuration popup window check "Validate E-Mail Address by sending e-mail message with code" checkbox.
  6. Click Ok
  7. Save Signup form.

Why I don't have %password% variable in Email Templates or when I try to send email message from aMember CP -> Setup -> Email

aMember doesn't store plain text passwords in database for security reason. Passwords are hashed with one-way encryption methods so there is no way to decode it. Password can be sent only from aMember CP -> Setup -> Email -> Send Registration Email template. This message will be sent just after registration and before actual payment.

I have XXM upload limit. How to increase it?

This limit depends on your server configuration. Please contact your hosting support or your system administrator and ask to increase upload_max_filesize and post_max_size value for PHP.

Other way you can upload your file to folder amember/data/upload with your favourite FTP client and then instead of upload button click browse one, then choose tab Disc. You should be able to choose your uploaded file here.

Payment Systems

Can I use aMember coupons with my Clickbank account?

Unfortunately, no. You can use coupons only for purchasing through the system they're generated in. Clickbank requires you to set up a copy of your aMember product in Clickbank itself, with values like price being predefined. This does not affect the possibility of using a Clickbank generated coupon for a Clickbank product though.


After successful installation I get 404 errors when I try to navigate to signup or admin pages

There are four possible reasons for this:

1. Your hosting doesn't use Apache Web Server software. aMember was designed to run under Apache Web Server so it uses Apache's mod_rewrite module in order to handle internal urls like /amember/admin/ or amember/signup If your hosting uses different Web Server software, you should contact hosting support and ask is there any compatibility mode between your Web Server's rewrite module and Apache's mod_rewrite. Rewrite Rules Which are required by aMember can be found in /amember/.htaccess file. In that file you also can find example of rules for NGINX server config.

2. You use Apache but still see 404 errors on aMember pages. Make sure that you have /amember/.htaccess file and it is not empty. If you don't have that file upload it from amember's installation package, then edit .htaccess file and change this line:

#    RewriteBase /amember



for example if you have aMember PRO installed in /members/ folder correct syntax whould be:

    RewriteBase /members

3. Your Apache server doesn't have mod_rewrite enable. In this case you should contact hosting support and ask to enable mod_rewrite module in Apache.

4. Rewrite directives are not allowed in .htaccess file for directory where you have aMember installed. In order to fix this you need to tune AllowOverrdie directive for the folder where you have aMember installed. You may need to contact your hosting support and ask to do this for you if you don;t have an access to Apache config. Recommended value for this directive is:

AllowOverride All

Please refer to this article for other possible values:

I get "redirect loop" errors or I'm constantly get logged out when I navigate across the site

Usually such errors happen because cookies are getting lost. For example if you are redirected from to or vice versa. Technically these domains are different so cookies which are set on may not work on and vice versa. First thing that you need to do is to check settings in all scripts which you use on your site and make sure that you always use the same domain name portion in these scripts. This doesn't matter will you use www in front of domain name or not but domain name should be the same. Also , check all urls across the site and make sure that user is not redirected to different domain name(all your links should use or depends on what domain name you use in scripts settings).

I get "Cannot get token: Authentication failed: The user name or password is incorrect" error when I try to upgrade my amember PRO installation to latest version.

This error means that login/password that you tried to use is not correct. You should use your account login/password and it is not the same as your aMember CP login/password. If you don't remember your account's access info, you can request it from this page: (you will need to specify email address that you used on registration form when license was purchased). Also if you have more then one account at make sure that you use login/password of account which holds your aMember PRO license. If you don't have access to that account, feel free to contact aMember PRO support team at and ask to restore access.

Single login between aMember and Wordpress doesn't work. When I login through aMember I can't post comments in wordpress or can't access Wordpress dashboard

Here is what you have to check:

  1. Make sure that root urls in both aMember and Wordpress are use the same domain name. There can be issues if domains are different(for example and Single login will not work if both scripts are installed on different domain names.
  2. Make sure that you have valid not-default security keys in wordpress config. (/wordpress/wp-config.php)
  3. Security keys in aMember's plugin configuration (aMember CP -> Setup -> Wordpress) must be exactly the same as in wordpress config (see above step).
  4. Check aMember CP -> Protect Content -> Integration and make sure that you set integration for Wordpress plugin.
  5. Also, just a note, single login will not work for users who have groups listed in aMember CP -> Setup -> Wordpress -> Admin Groups

I moved my installation to new server but now get error "Script Error Error establishing a database connection."

  1. check database credentials in file amember/application/default/configs/config.php
  2. check that new server has PDO and PDO_MYSQL extensions for PHP enabled.

Daily Usage

How to add manual payment/access from aMember Control panel?

There are three possible situations which can happen:

- You want to add free access for user. User haven't paid anything: Find this user in aMember CP. Edit user's account, go to Payments -> Invoices/Access, scroll down to User Access table, select product and access period which you would like to add and click Add access manually button.

- You've received offline payment for a product or initial payment for subscription: Find this user in aMember CP. Edit user's account, go to Payments -> Invoices/Access, click Add Invoice button at the top - right corner of the page, select date when you got payment, products which should be added to invoice(user will receive access to these products), payment system, select "Add Invoice and Payment/Access Manually" Action, and specify payment receipt. Click Save button. In result, aMember adds invoice, payment and access record at the same time.

- You've received a payment for existing recurring subscription: Find this user in aMember CP. Edit user's account, go to Payments -> Invoices/Access, find invoice for which you've received payment, click "expand details" link. At this step you will see invoice details and all payments that were received for this invoice. Click "Add Payment Manually" link. Please note that link will be available only if invoice was created for recurring product. In pop-up window specify payment amount, receipt, date and payment system then click save. In result amember will add payment to invoice record and access at the same time.