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aMember Pro v.4 API has been completely reworked to match the new PHP5 coding standards and technologies. It uses the following well-known and documented libraries:

Also, we have developed a bunch of in-house components and JS and PHP libraries to make software development rapid. Most important are:

  • Am_Record and Am_Table to utilize [ActiveRecord] and Database Table design patterns with support for custom fields
  • Am_Grid to handle CRUD+FB (create-read-updated-delete+filter and batch operations) for grids
  • Am_Query to handle SQL queries and their visual representation (a visual filter in user table is a great example)
  • Am_Form adds jquery.validation plugin to HTML_QuickForm2 and makes number of other improvements
  • Am_Form_Brick makes forms (ex.: signup forms) editable via GUI and easy to define new form elements in plugins
  • Am_HookManager handles "slot-signal" or "events" operations and allows to setup hooks to different events
  • Am_Plugin provides a base for a plugin in aMember Pro that has configuration, can be enabled/disabled and can set hooks
  • Am_Report API provides easy way to define new reports and modify existing without worrying about results rendering