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Discussion in 'Payment Systems' started by fergus, Feb 5, 2016.

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    Dec 5, 2008
    Im planing to have amember to manage subscriptions through both clickbank and paypal, this last using the affiliate plugin from amember

    the idea is a free signup with a premium upgrade later in the members panel, question is how to show the correct form to upgrade depending on the original free signup, so people that signed for the free membership coming from clickbank will only be available to upgrade through clickbank, same for those that came through the standard affiliate plugin that will be managed by paypal.
    I cannot just leave to the user an option to choose which processor use, because those that came from clickbak will not grant the comission at clickbank if they upgrade via paypal.
    So I should find a "conditional" rule to show the paypal form or the clickbank one (both will grant the same rights after upgrade, but using a specific processor for payment

    Any idea if this can be done?

    I think I can do the following to separate users signing up and upgrading later through the correct payment preocessor: create a product with a free signup form for clickbank (product1) and another for paypal(prodict2), then create 2 more identical paid products and form for both clickbank (product3) and paypal(product4), and use conditionals to force the product 3 only available for product 1 users, and product 4 for product 2 users.
    that should work.

    but......... how to force the correct free signup form (product 1 or 2 in the example) depending if the visitor is coming from a clickbank link or an amember standar affiliate link?

    Im frozen at this point :(
    any help?

    BTW, is there any conflict within amember using 2 different affiliate programs together?
    just imagine if amember grants commisions to clickbank affiliates too in the affiliate plugin which is something it should not do since clickbank comissions are managed on the clickank side.​

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