Membership Software is a NIGHTMARE!

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by pauldarby, Dec 14, 2016.

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  1. pauldarby

    pauldarby aMember Pro Customer

    Jan 5, 2007

    $14,000.00 in re-ocurring income from my membership site. My sofware was old so I went on a search for a new membership platform.

    I knew about AMember because I had an employee install it on one of my servers, several years ago, so now when needing another I figure.. ah they are old and I want something NEW.

    So I really did research alot and then bought a new membership software.

    And over the next 5 months my income from my memberships went from $14K to $1,800 a month as I discovered that I bought a first run edition and it was so buggy that months into it I was still finding critical errors.

    Ok to end the story...

    I remembered AMember and went back to the site, and even several years later was able to do a password retreival and log in.

    And I ordered AMemberPro.

    48 hours later it was installed on the server for me.

    48 hours later I was still freaking out and threatening to jump out the window, which is dumb as I have a one story house...

    And I would send a ticket to support and suddenly they would share the link to the common sense, easy to do, answer or just tell me.

    I had forgotten that it was possible to have a good, working, easy to use, intutitive membership site.

    48 hours later, everythign is working, has been working and looks like it will continue to work.

    I am getting members back.

    The re-ocurring part of my income is already returning and I am once again having fun online.

    I asked to a testimonial link, and I told the support rep, Anton, I would even say he was good looking :) I have no idea but at this point, I would tell anyone it was true.

    I really love this software and asked tonight about a lisence so that I can begin rebuilding my other 6 memberships now.

    Thank you Amember and support, my life is BETTER because of you.

    Straight up.

    All my best,
    Paul Darby
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