Major problems with Payment Processing.

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    May 16, 2016
    Hi all,

    Been using aMember for years and never had an issue occur like the one today. Over the past week, I've noticed a pretty sizable drop in sales. After looking into things, it turns out that the aMember payment processing is behaving erratically.

    Two months ago I changed my Paypal account to a new account. No problems. I went in to aMember and updated the Paypal configurations with the new API details, email and merchant ID. Tested and it works. Customers were able to make purchases.

    Then, last week that suddenly changed. There had been no changes from my end on Paypal OR aMemember. Just suddenly I started getting warning emails that read as follows (and a lot of unhappy customers that could not buy the product):

    This made no sense to me, because after triple checking the Paypal plugin on aMember, deleting the integration and re-adding it - all the details are the same.

    The "" IS the primary email address for Paypal, and for aMember, and in the Paypal aMember integration. There is no deviation. It's as if the wrong email is secretly cached in aMember or something (???)

    To make things even more maddening, after testing on multiple browsers, multiple credit cards, and multiple devices I've found that the payment processing does not work:

    • On Google Chrome, Macbookpro.
    • On Google Chrome, Razer
    • On Internet Explore, Razer

    But it does work on:
    • Chrome, iOS.
    It's really bizarre. Meanwhile, I'm losing revenue so it's important that I get this issue resolved soon. Any idea what could possible cause something like this to happen?

    (Also, I checked with Paypal, and my CreditCards - the issue isn't on their end. WHEN the payment request DOES go through, Paypal gets it and all is good. But for whatever reason aMember seems not to be sending it.)

    Final thing: in the Logs I am getting this error: "IPN transaction comes for foreign business e-mail:"

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    Oct 16, 2009

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