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    Aug 22, 2006
    I've been meaning to do this for ages, but only now got round to it.

    I own the worlds largest website on the sport of Observed Motorcycle Trials. Some time ago, a Forum member suggested a donation scheme where they could contribute something back. Initially I gave them a nice little logo under their username to show they were supporting the site. It was a manual process and a bit painful. Then I found AMember. I installed the eval and within 2 DAYS I'd enough income to pay for the software! The integration with the Forums (Invision Powerboard) was simple and automated the addition of the "Supporters" Logo. Furthermore, thanks to the advanced functionality of AMember, I was able to offer my Supporters more in terms of video content from various Trials events which, had it been open to all, would have meant a serious increase in bandwidth costs. My members love the features and it's not only made my life easier, but has resulted in a serious increase in income to the site.

    After my initial success with AMember I found myself, again, in the position where I needed a good, solid Membership management system for a re-vamp of the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club website here in the UK. I knew I didn't have to look any further than AMember. Previously, members could only update contact details by emailing the membership secretary, they could only renew via the Club shop and the membership secretary had to update a stand-alone database, the Chairman had to manually upgrade their Forum status. Now it's all totally automated, renewals and member account management are all done quickly and easily online by the members themselves and the Club love it.

    Finally, support. Always been spot on with me. Fast responses and answers to any questions or queries I've had - even help with customisations which, IMO, don't really come under "support" at all.

    Keep up the good work. :)

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