chmod the folder to 777 on MS Windows

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    Just a bit of information into a problem that was driving me crazy for a very long time. I could not find any mention in the Amember forum so after figuring out a solution I wanted to post for others who run into the same problem at some point in the future.

    If you have Amember installed on a MS Windows system and attempt to protect a folder using Amember and Amember suddently reports the following:

    "Specified folder is not writable - please chmod the folder to 777, so aMember can write .htaccess file for folder protection."

    Run as Administrator the below DOS command which is very similar to chmod 777 equivalent in Linux, UNIX, etc:

    icacls "C:\Problem_folder_name" /grant Users:F

    After performing the above 'icacls' command go back into Amember. Amember should be able to write to that folder moving forward. Specifically, it can create and write the .htaccess file into that folder.

    I tried setting the folder permissions in MS Windows using MS Windows explorer and was never able to get it to work. The 'icacls' command worked like a charm.


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