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    Oct 16, 2009
    The aMember Pro development team announces the immediate availability of aMember PRO 6.1.1. This release contains fixes and improvements.

    6.1.1 2019-09-04 17:44:15 +0400
        New Storage Plugin: pCloud
        New event Am_Event::COUPON_IS_APPLICABLE
        PHP 7.2 compatibility - removed mcrypt from Am_Crypt, now allows to upgrade from old versions of aMember on PHP 7.2
        Added ability to create plugin duplicates from addons interface
        Implemented ability to process manual rebill for failed subscriptions. manual rebill links will be available in Payment History (if aMember was unable to rebill invoice automatically) also link will be sent in rebill_failed notification.
        Log Login As User action to admin log
        Ability to import User Group (CSV)
        Bug Fixed: Softsales - case of multiple licenses purchase with single transaction and option renew enabled
        Invalidate user auth session in case of is_lock field changed
        Mail Log: ability to download attachments from mail log
        BuyNow links fixed - allows to disable option "Auto sign in after sign up"
        Exclude lists of disabled newsletter plugins from tab 'All' within Protect Content
        Member Directory: ability to allow to download directory in PDF (useful to print it)
        Directory: fix sort order for resources
        Bug Fixed: Directory sort -> reset filter
        Added ability to hide Payment System from aMember Control panel. Paysystem will be removed from all forms but won't be disabled, so all recurring payments will continue to work.
        Bug Fixed: email validation in case of email located inside Fieldset
        Bug Fixed: avoid double include of user.js on payment history page
        Add Update Credit Card Link to Payment History page
        Fixed Bug: Stripe plugin: cc expiration was recorded incorrectly in some situations.
        REST API: separate admin permission to manage API keys
        SelfService: %selfservice_balance% placeholder for Widgets
        Helpdesk: ability to use Markdown style for headers and lists within messages (#Head1, ##Head2, ###Head3, ####Head4, * list item)
        Fixed bug: VAT was not removed from product price if "Catalog prices include VAT" option was enabled and user specified VAT ID
        Affiliate should be able to use registration form even if Signup type was set to "only admin can approve"
        Bug Fixed: Address brick within Fieldset with default country in config
        Invoice grid: fix total in case of filter 'hide invoices without active access'
        Bug Fixed: some of plugins rely on AdminSetupController::getForm eg.: paypal-pro, beanstream-remote etc.
        Ability to disable Invoice Log from admin interface
        eu vat - update user country and ip before payment
        Simple Templates: ability to use literals %'yesterday'|date% %'now'|date% %'500'|currency%
            include Pay Per Lead commissions to affiliate stats
            ability to change general affiliate link
            properly re-calculate commission for free invoices
            Braintree plugin: implemented 3DSecure 2  support.
            Implemented SCA support for checkout-com plugin
            Implemented SCA support for epay plugin (not tested since epay doesn't implement this yet according to their documentation)
            Stripe SCA support and ability to insert Stripe CC info brick to Signup/Profile pages.
            Fixed bug: Segpay dynamic prices didn't work right.
            1tpe payment plugin added
            Splitit - fixed handling of ChargeFailed
            Properly handle wrong response from PayPal IPN validation server
            Vanilla - 3.1 support
            Fixed bug: Xenforo plugin:  change user state to valid when user update email from amember.
            Fixed bug: Moodle plugin: Fixed single login issues on some servers with reverse proxy.
            DimeSale: ability to use current terms in Next Price Level brick
            Campaignmonitor - custom fields fixed
            Aweber php SDK was updated to latest available version to fix issue with utf-8 characters in Contact names.
            Constant Contact v2: option to disable double opt in
            Constant Contact: option to disable Double Opt-in
    Your suggestion for future version is welcome! You can submit feature request here:
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