aMember Pro 4.4.1 (BETA) released

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    4.4.1 (BETA) 2014-04-24 11:43:20 +0400
        Fixed a problem with helpdesk handling (introduced in 4.4.0 BETA)
        Fixed bug: Amazon SES didn't work for some regions.
        Fixed Bug: Xenforo plugin wasn't compatible with latest xenforo version.
        Fixed bug: Unable to edit profile when pap plugin enabled.
        Fixed bug: Taxes were not properly imported from amember v3
        Pap plugin: Fixed bug: duplicate user was created in pap on profile update.
        Personal Folder: ability to include link on personal folder to email templates
        If admin has access to see list of users, he should see list of unconfirmed users as well
        Shopping Cart: free payment system should be always in list of available paymentsystem to be able to handle free signup
        XenForo : make use of use PHPPASS, and XenForo 1.3 support added
    4.4.0 (BETA) 2014-04-16 18:08:26 +0400
        Core Changes
            JQuery updated to 2.1.0
            ZF1 updated to 1.12.5
            Ability to restrict access by number of payments
            VAT ID validation: requester parameter is not mandatory but it can be VAT ID for foreign companies which begine with EU, such requester parametr will rise error and VAT will not be validated. It always return invailed VAT error
            Implements #1450 - ability to use dashes in custom invoice numbering
            Implemented (optional) JWPlayer support.
            Bug Fixed: error if user use payment link without defined payment system and only one available public payment system
            Added paysystem name to invoice list on user invoices page (backend)
            Signup form: display login form in popup if user click on link in error message regarding email address is already used
            Bug Fixed: require correct privilege for group delete action
            Fixed bug:  Fix amount and currency in email payment receipt for user template.
            Fix payments and refunds widgets: display correct currency
            Bug fixed: currectly calculate commission in multi-currency environment
            Fix sales admin widget for multi-currency environment
            Rebuild core db fixed to work when more then 10000 records needs to be rebuilt
            Fixed bug: User should not be able to install into existing database if it already holds aMember installation.
            Fixed bug: Avatar Plugin: Unable to delete avatar from profile.
            Closes #1438 - reseller_product does not depend on active products
            Bug Fixed: support for non latin symbols in name for saved_search
            Fixed bug: Incorrect discount was displayed in View Basket even if coupon can't be applied to current invoice.
            Implements #1347 - clickable email addresses in user grid (backend)
            Implements #1402 - Active resources: do not display block if empty
            Closes #1398 - allow to interect with ckeditor elements that located outside of modal popup window (jQuery UI block such interaction by default)
            Backward compatibility : php_include method from v3 will work after upgrade
            Do not set HttpOnly flag for amember_nr cookie in order to video from protected folders works on mobile devices (android espesially)
            Extended field length for fields which holds IP addresses, in order to support IPv6
            Update am_invoice.product_ids when product is replaced in invoice_item
            New Payment Plugin: interkassa
            Closes #1420 - allow activation/deactivation of products using the selection boxes and associated menu
            Fixed "continue" link for mass emails
            Form options: sorted alphabetically from now on
            Fixed bug: Inet-cache cancellation requests were handled as regular payments.
            Dates like 03/05/90 should be treated as date in the past  and not in the future.  Now if year is more then 37, scritp will assume that this is date in the past and not in the future as if was before.
            Ability to display Name brick on forms for logged in users
            Add rebill date to invoice grid (backend)
            Implements #1404 - Helpdesk: Notification to admin when ticket is assigned to him
            Thanks Page Plugin: allows to add some custom html content on thank you page based on purchased product
            Added new language file: Polish
            Fixed bug: Do not display decimals for JPY prices
            Fixed bug: User real Name was deleted in third-party scripts on user update in aMember
            Admin Notification on Bruteforce Attack Detection
            Bug fixed : rebuildDB did not update full name correctly
            Fixed bug: "First only" option didn't work for iDevAffiliate plugin.
            Notification wasn't displayed in profile when user changed email address with "email verification enabled"
            Implements #1260 - make automatic sending of Signup E-Mail after manually assigning product optional
            Implemented combobox (searchable selects) support.
            Helpdesk: display comment regarding user in ticket context for admin
            Ability to set up poster for video
            Always enable autoPlay for video with poster so user do not need to click twice to play video
            Fixed bug: incorrect javascript was included in custom signup form when renderEasyArray was used.
            Bug Fixed: internal error on payment fallback controller in case of there is only one available payment method, addRule return rule but not element itself
            Signup form: Product Brick: if the brick is not required and there are no appropriate products for this brick just do not insert it to form instead of display fatal error
            Fixed bug: Product "Disallow" requirements wasn't applied to shopping cart.
            Lifetime Plugin: plugin didn't work right if product had more then one billing plan with different periods.
            Added div wrapper around payment history and active subscriptuon block so it can be hidden via CSS
            Notification: ability to sort notification
            Fixed bug: Unable to login using email address which contains "+" symbol
            Fixed bug: Logged in user didn't  have an access to protected folder immediately if access was added by admin from amember CP. Re-login was required.
            New Report: Payments vs Refunds by date
        Affiliate Program
            Show totals on affiliate stats page.
            Use base currency to display commission value instead of currency of item
            New feature in affiliate program: Click Tracking code. Ability to insert click tracking code to any page on the site, so affiliates can use URLS like:
            aff-bonus plugin: allow to grant access to products to affiliate based on number of referrals
            Added replacing of additional SQL fields to %affiliate.*% email tagset
            Closes #1393 - fixed issue with incorrect aff set if username of affiliate begin with numbers
            Fixed "aff clicks" report
        PDF Invoice
            Add %invoice.% tags sets to pdf invoice footer
            Fixed bug: %user.name_l% shortcode didn't work
            Implements #1442 - Allow all user/invoice/payment sql fields to be used in Invoice PDF filename
            UI to insert user placeholders to Pages (Protect Content)
            API: references to DbSimple_Mypdo replaced to DbSimple_Interface to make configuration flexible
            Am_Event::PRODUCT_AFTER_DELETE hook introduced - ability to do some cleanup for plugins/modules
            use base64 to encode headers for email, quoted_printable is too verbose (Transaction failed: Address length is more than 320 bytes long)
            ability to define admin menu icon from modules
            Fixed bug: Am_Lite didn't work when MySQL prefix started from number(for example '2amember_')
            new hook: INVOICE_PAYMENT_REFUND.  Executed when new refund record is added.
            API: new event affGetPayoutOptions: called to retrieve available affiliate payout methods
            helpdesk: emphase current ticket in ticket history
            helpdesk: display number of tickets for current user on Tickets tab (backend)
            subusers: introduce %reseller.*% email tagset;
            gift-voucher: load brick stuff on demand
            Login Remider Plugin: allow to set up notification email which will be send to user if he has not logged in to site for a long time
            force-i-agree plugin: allow for admin to reset i_agree flag for all users and force them to agree again (with new terms and cond) after login
            file-upload add-on: ability to make "upload" required in signup form editor
            new plugin: Helpdesk Autoclose. Provides an ability to autoclose  tickets due to inactivity.
            user-note: require correct permission for grid with notes
            Implements #1358 - Helpdesk: snippet contet and FAQ quick links paste where the cursor is placed
            Fixed bug : subusers module did not allow to remove groups from subuser if more then 1 group were added
            Refs #1382 - Avatar: ability to set up default image
        SoftSale module
            Added ability to protect files uploaded via ftp
            Disable licenses for upgraded invoice
            New setting for "predefined" license scheme: Number of available licenses when "low keys notification " will be sent.
            Display "licenses" tab only if user has at least one license
        Self-Service Module
            Send "zero" autoresponders for products purchased for credits
            Add readme, register credits as available payout method
        Integration Plugins
            ArpReach : uses different list ID for unsubcribing
            MailChimp:  e-commerce360 support, new option added (Send Goodbye email)
            Xenforo plugin: Fixed Bug: Unable to login after session timeout in xenforo.
            Wordpress plugin: Fixed bug: widgets didn;t work when wordpress admin was loaded through https.
            Wordpress plugin: warning fixed: Illigal string offset...
            Infusion-soft : optimization
            Xeroapi plugin fixed
            E107 integration plugin added
            Zencart plugin fixed
            Drupal plugin: Fixed bug:  Unable to update users in Drupal in aMember 4.3.6
            xCart Plugin: fixed single login issues.
            Moodle Plugin: Implemented Moodle 2.6 support
            PAP plugin: Refund commissions automatically when new refund is registered by aMember.
            Chamilo integration plugin added
            Added new newsletter plugin: MaroPost ( )
            PAP plugin: Fixed bug: new user was created in pap when user changes email in amember. Plugin will not assign duplicate refid and userid anymore.
            Blockchain plugin changed to production status
            Epoch : fixed handling of recurring payments
            Joomla : set up jacluser session parameter after login
            UserECHO SSO  plugin.
            phpBB : fixed error with duplicate records in some cases
            Joomla plugin : added support of jomsocial and jacl groups
        Payment Plugins
            MaxMind Minfraud and Phone verification added
            Braintree : update cc info link added
            Moneris-cc payment plugin added(store cc info), import correct paysys_id for moneris, moneris_r.
            Added new payment plugin: fasapay (
            Added new payment plugin: dragonpay (
            Added new payment plugin: algocharge (
            Securetrading payment plugin added
            Added new cc payment plugin: open-gateway (
            ClickBetter payment plugin added(receives IPN only)
            Vmerchant payment plugin added
            Usaepay payment plugin added
            Jvzoo refund processing fixed: sends the same transaction ID for payment and refund
            Twocheckout plugin: Unable to cancel subscription in some situations.
            Braintree plugin: Show Select for state and country options instead of text boxes.
            idevaffiliate: configuration option to pass to idevaffiliate only initial payments for recurring subscriptions
            Braintree : refunds fixed
            2000Charge  plugin testing.
            Cashenvoy : show error message on thanks page
            Stripe: default paysytem title and description
            Payflow : readme added
            DirectOne payment plugin
            Cashenvoy payment plugin added
            Added new payment plugin: eCheck
            EwayRapid 3 updated to work with API 3.1 and phone field added, refunds implemented
            ClickAndBuy : old integration method does not work anymore, now it will be cc plugin
            Gate2shop : recurring added
            2000Charge plugin becomes beta.
            OCPortal integration plugin added
            Blockchain payment plugin added : accepts bitcoins
            paypal-express : more logging for express-checkout action
            zombaio : dynamic pricing added
            ccbill : autocreate added
            New Payment plugin: Robokassa
            Offline Plugin: ability to include receipt html to payment instruction
            Targetpay-wap payment plugin added
            New payment plugin: EasyPayDirect
            Stripe plugin: do not generate exception when user's profile is missing. Instead aMember should ask to provide CC info again.
            Stripe : show correct last 4 digits of cc in reuse form
            Stripe : Added state and country selects to CC form
            Added new payment plugin: graypay
            Gate2Shop: auto-creation of user/invoice implemented
            ClickBank: implemented ability to configure SkinID
            DotPay payment plugin added
            Added payment plugin for Xfers: Singapore payment system

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