aMember Pro 3.0.0 (beta) released

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    Jan 24, 2004
    RELEASE TARGET: multi-language support, new features

    CHANGES SINCE 2.4.1:
    - aMember is now multi-language (from member-side). Member can choose
    language and if choosed, it will be saved into member profile on
    signup. It is all configurable at aMember CP->Setup->Languages.
    Currently only English and Russian translations are available, but translation is easy;
    - added affiliates sign-up page and affiliates membership area; can be accessed at amember/aff_member.php and amember/aff_signup.php
    - Added JavaScript validation to : signup,member payment,credit card info and "guest newsletter subscription" forms;
    - E-Mail templates are now editable via web interface and are multi-lingual; you may find edit links at aMember CP->Setup->E-Mail;
    - PDF Invoice can be now attached to "Receipt E-Mail" (aMember CP->Setup->E-Mail)
    - Online version checking implemented;
    - Secure send password implemented. You may now enable option
    (aMember CP -> Setup -> Advanced) and aMember will email a
    password change link instead of actual password;
    - Newsletter Threads and e-mail message archive is now implemented; It can be managed from aMember CP->E-Mail Customers; member can manage subscriptions from amember/member.php, visitors can subscribe at amember/newsletter.php
    - User-side temlpates were completely reworked and now are XHTML compatible. You can use amember/templates/css/site.css to do your own design modifications that won't be overwritten by next upgrade;
    - E-Mail messages are now send using phpmailer library - it allows
    to use SMTP with SMTP Authentication, SendMail and usual PHP mail()
    - added auto-login after signup feature. You may now enable option
    (aMember CP -> Setup -> Advanced)
    - Added ability to choose "lifetime" as period of subscription in aMember CP;
    - SMF integration plugin added;
    - PayFlow Pro plugin fixed;
    - Options at aMember CP->Manage Products->Edit were re-arragned to have
    more logical order;
    - aMember will now assign different "Renewal Groups" to all product by
    default (during product addition);
    - you may now configure title and description for each payment system
    at aMember CP -> Setup -> PaysystemTitle;
    - integration plugins are modified to give a warning to admin, and do not
    cause other problems while not configured;
    - dbm protection plugin removed;
    - mail_recurring_members() function deleted;
    - Profile change email option has been removed;
    - Mail Pending Payments to admin option has been removed;
    - Yes/No select boxes in aMember CP -> Setup replaced to checkboxes
    - email attachments now can be located only inside amember/templates/ folder
    (restricted by security reasons)
    - mail_customer() function is now able to handle multi-part (HTML/text)
    email messages
    - aMember will not check and display error messages for wrong username
    - enable affiliate program, tax and coupons controls were moved to
    aMember CP -> Setup from aMember CP -> Setup -> Advanced
    - myVirtualCard plugin renamed to PayMonde
    - bug fixed - hidden custom fields now will be filled-in with default
    values on signup;
    - aMember will now automatically set session.cookie_domain so will not ask you to re-login if you
    are logged-in at
    - aMember will now automatically check if your database structure matches
    your upgraded aMember files;
    - you may now edit list of countries and states at
    aMember CP->Setup->Countries;
    - coupons statistics and search implemented
    - XML-RPC API implemented
    - E-Mail a particular customer from "User Actions Page"
    - BluePay plugin added;
    - added option to "mass subscribe" pending users;
    - fixed a potential trouble;
    - added $config['site_title'] (aMember CP -> Setup : Site Title)
    to use inside emails and templates;
    - added confirmation when user clicks "unsubscribe" link in e-mail message;
    - SecurePay plugin added;
    - a checkbox "Subscribe to Newsletters" will appear on signup page if there is
    at least one newsletter thread available to "All Members" or to "All Affiliates";

    Please note - aMember Pro v.3 is now in beta-testing stage. We don't recommend using it on real-life website. This release is for preview and for testing.

    It is better if you do clean install into another MySQL database, or into the same database but with another MySQL tables prefix.

    Upgrade notes. aMember Pro v.3 is based on same PHP core code as aMember 2. However, templates and almost all PHP files are completely different, so overwriting your current installation is not an option. Recommended upgrade procedure:
    - backup your aMember database and files (it is better to do from your webhosting control panel). It is IMPORTANT;
    - download and unpack aMember 3 ZIP file (available from members area )
    - rename your aMember installation folder on your site via FTP to something like "amember-xxx1";
    - copy aMember 3 files to "amember" folder on your website via FTP;
    - run ; if it requires you to make chmod, then chmod folders to 777. Don't continue with setup, all we need on this step is to verify folder permissions (chmod);
    - get file "" from "amember-xxx1" folder (old installation) and copy it to amember/ folder (to new installation). This file contains database settings;
    - run ; it will upgrade database structure to v.3 without losing your current aMember settings and database information;
    - if upgrade db has finished without errors, then upgrade is finished. Go to aMember Cp and check new settings and abilities;
    - if you are sure aMember 3 is working as it should (at least after 2-3 weeks) you may download "amember-xxx1" folder from website and archive it for backup, then remove from the server.

    Download of aMember3 is now available from members area
    aMember Pro trial has been also replaced with v.3

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