aMember.. A Gift From Heaven!

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    Apr 18, 2012
    A real gift from heaven? No I think not! But if a heaven existed I think God would use aMember to manage the new entries! The aMember script is a real positive add-on to my Internet marketing carreer, as the real money is in recurring income. And aMember is more than capable to deliver and manage membership sites. Yes! CGI Central provided a more secure future for me.

    I am not going to mention how well this script is put together. This has got to be the best membership script I've ever come across.. and I know as I tried lots of them. That being said today's message is about the support!

    My team of coders has developed a Desktop Application. I basically wanted members that purchased this app to login and be verified through aMember, this to see if they have an active subscription and eligble to use the software. The 4.2.4 update came with the introduction of the API that made this all possible. Perfect timing, and a outstanding explanation by the support team which solved my issues within just a couple of hours.

    The update however gave some admin and client errors on my side. Now what I did, I simply filed a support ticket and within 30 minutes.. Someone from support logged into my server and solved everything. Yes, everything is fixed now and I can continue with my marketing adventure.

    All I want to say, Thank you aMember for making my Internet marketing life a bit easier and perhaps more important.. FUN!


    Steven Jones

    PS. If you have ever considered running a membership site then aMember is definitely an investment you should consider because it delivers on every aspect on managing a good membership site and I promise you that you will not be dissapointed.

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