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List of Available plugins in alphabetical order:


A/B Signup Form Split Testing (ab-signup)

Module provides an ability to split test several signup forms. It also provides simple statistics of user signups for each form.

Affiliate Bonus Plugin (aff-bonus)

Adds free subscription to affiliate's account if affiliate refers more then configured count of new users.

Affiliate Leads Plugin (aff-leads)

Display information about referred users (leads) in affiliate's area. Affiliate can filter and sort results.

Affiliate Levels Plugin (afflevels)

Assign affiliate to different user groups when affiliate purchases product. You can use these groups to configure different commission level for different affiliates.

Affiliate Manager Plugin (aff-manager)

Creates affiliate coupon for new affiliate (login used as coupon code) and set defined affiliate user as a 2-tier affiliate for all new affiliates.

Automatic Coupons Placeholder (autocoupons)

Add new placeholder which can be used in Email Templates. When email is sent, placeholder will be replaced to unique auto-generated coupon code.

Automatic Login Placeholder (auto-login-placeholder)

Creates new placelohder for email templates:  %autologinlink% This placeholder will be replaced to unique login link when email will be sent, for example: /amember/l?token=7t89340678349657843925673489256734829564738 When user clicks on that login link he will be redirected to aMember and will be logged in automatically.

Avatar Plugin (avatar)

Adds ability to upload an avatar on signup or profile page.

AWEBER Bypass API (aweber-bypass-api)

Old method of integration with AWeber Email Marketing‎ system. User will not be added to Aweber list automatically, but will see Aweber list signup 'form on thanks page after payment.

Bundle Discount Plugin (bundle-discount)

Ability to configure discount for bundle purchase. You can configure different discounts for number of items in invoices or total invoice amount.

Cancel On Upgrade Plugin (cancel-on-upgrade)

Allows to cancel old subscription when new subscription is ordered.

How does it work:

- you configure list of the products and/or product categories
- if a subscription from the list is ordered, aMember will try to cancel all existing
  subscriptions from the same list

NOTE: aMember cannot cancel subscription on remote servers like PayPal, so it will work only

     for subscriptions that are billed by aMember. For example:
       - it will not work for PayPal, 2CO, CCBill, ClickBank, 1SC and other similar services;
       - it will work for Authorize.Net CIM and other similar services.

Clear Pending Invoices (pending-invoice-clear)

Delete all pending invoices for user after he completes first payment.

Credits Plugin (credits)

Plugin allows to sell "credits" - count of credits will be configured in product billing plan settings, and added to user account after purchase

Code to deduct "credits" must be implemented by your system

Credits are not expiring with subscription (!) aMember does not take account of subscription dates at all when accounting credits Once accounted, credit records are not updated if product setting changed

Default Product Plugin (default-product)

Adds Ability to configure product which will be default for customers ie. access to this product will be added if customer has not any other active subscription and vise versa access to this product will be removed if customer signup to any other product.

Downloads Module (downloads)

Simple downloads module. You can define cost in credits for each file and configure what amount of credits user will receive when purchase any product. User will have downloads history and will be able to check latest operations in his member's area (downloads, credits purchase).

Drop Me Plugin (drop-me)

Add ability to delete account for user. User will see "Delete Account" link in his Member's Area.

External Coupons Plugin (external-coupon)

This plugin allow to import coupons from external system and then insert it to emails to customers. It can be used to advertise 3ty-part service (cross sale).

Field Revision (field-revision)

Plugin tracks history of user's fields. Full history of field's change is logged.

File Upload (file-upload)

Plugin add new form brick "File Upload". User can upload some file here. Then admin can see list of uploaded files in user edit screen in admin interface in tab Uploaded Files

Force "I Agree" (force-i-agree)

This Plugin force user to accept your Agreement if user did not do it before. Also you can reset Accept status for all users in database if your agreement was changed and you want to force all users to accept new Agreement.

GetClicky Plugin (getclicky)

Integration with Clicky: Real Time Web Analytics

Gift Vouchers Plugin (gift-vouchers)

This plugin allows customers to buy gift vouchers for products and send it to either existing user or new one by email.

Google Analytics Plugin (google-analytics)

Adds GA tracking code to all aMember pages, and sale tracking code to thanks page.

IceCast Plugin

Integration with IceCast:Multimedia Streaming Server

iDevAffiliate Plugin

Adds commission integration with iDevAffiliate. aMember will execute sale tracking code on each completed payment.

Include All Invoices In One File (one-file-invoices)

Adds an ability for admin to download all PDF invoices in one file for given period of time.

InfusionSoft CRM Integration Plugin (infusion-soft)

Integration with InfusionSoft CRM provides ability to create your InfusionCRM contacts in aMember. You can assign each InfusionCRM tag to corresponding product in aMember so when tag is added to contact record in InfusionCRM, plugin will create an account in amember and add access to corresponding product.

Invite Plugin (invite)

This plugin add additional link on customer dashboard - 'Invite a Friend'. aMember create special coupon and sent it to friend.

You need to add Coupon brick to signup form and make it required. You may want to alter lables for this brick to 'Invite Code'

In case you use affiliate module then in plugin configuration you can enable option to generate affiliate cupon instead of ordinary one.

Joint Venture Plugin (jv)

Adds ability to assign affiliate to a product. Affiliate will receive commission each time when product is purchased.

Lifetime Plugin (lifetime)

extends access to lifetime period once recurring billing is over. This is useful for products which has limited billing cycles. Plugin adds lifetime access once last payment is processed.

Login Monitor Plugin (login-monitor)

Sends email notification to admin each time when someone logins into member's area.

Login Reminder Plugin (login-reminder)

This Plugin allow to set up notification email which will be send to user if he has not logged in to site for a long time.

Login Via IP Plugin (login-via-ip)

Adds ability to assign IP address or IP range to user's record. When user access Member's area from these IPs, he will not be asked to login, and will be logged in automatically.

Notification Plugin (notification)

Display several time limited notifications in Member's area depending on user group. Notificaton Plugin

Onetime Offer plugin (oto)

Display one time offer for user after purchase. You can create several offers based on purchased subscription. You can define what should happen when user accept offer or decline it, in both cases you can display another offer, so user will get several offers in chain.

Payment History Brick (brick-payment-history)

Add brick with user's payments history to renewal form in Member's Area.

Pending Invoices Block (block-pending-invoice)

Adds new block to Member's Area. That block will display all pending invoices which user has, each invoice has a link to complete payment.

Personal Folder Plugin (personal-folder)

Plugin create personal folder for user in filesytem and protect this folder for user use only. Plugin can copy default content to new personal folder.

Product Chain Product (product-chain)

Plugin allows to configure these three settings for each product:

- What products will be added to user's account when current product expires
- What products will be removed from user's account when user purchases current product.
- What products additionally will be added to user's account when user purchases current product. 

Reward Points Module (reward-points)

This module allows customers to earn points on each purchase, and then earned points will be automatically used to get payment discount. This module also allows to give affiliates reward points instead of affiliate commission.

Schedule Access Plugin (schedule-access)

This plugin allows to add access records to customers ordered configured products by schedule. For example:

- from 7-th day to 14-th day add access to Product#1
- from 1-th Friday to 3-th Sunday add access to Product #2
- from 1-th day of month add access to Product #3

Serials (serials)

Issue unique sereal number when user purchases subscription. Number will be taken from pre-configured list.

Share-a-Sale Pixel Integration

Commission tracking code integration with Share-A-Sale

Single Login Session (single-login-session)

This plugin allows only one login session per account. Several users will not be able to login simultaneously from different computers with same credentials.

Subscription Limit Plugin (subscription-limit)

This plugin allows you to limit amount of available subscription for specific product. The product will be disabled in case of limit reached.

You can set up limit in product settings aMember CP -> Products -> Manage Products -> Edit (Subscription limit)

Thanks Page Plugin (thanks-page)

Allows to display different content on thanks page depending on purchased product.

Thanks Redirect Plugin (thanks-redirect)

Redirects user to different thanks page depending on purchased product.

Ticket Roster Plugin (ticket-roster)

Plugin allow to set up ticket roster for admin users. New tickets in helpdesk will be assigned to admin users depending on plugin configuration

Xero API integration (xeroapi)

This plugin uses xero api to inject the data to Xero: Accounting Software & Online Bookkeeping that creates the invoice inside the system.