New features in aMember Pro v4


Welcome aMember v4!

There is very long list of changes, so we will try to be brief:

  • (new) Automated upgrade/downgrade handling has been implemented. Users may change their subscriptions!
  • (new) Amazon S3 support for hosting files and video
  • (new) Built-in FlowPlayer to host protected video files for your members
  • (new) Newsletter module integrates with MailChimp, ActiveResponderPro, ActiveCampaign, ARP, AWeber, IContact, GetResponse, Interspire and ListMail
  • (new) Subusers plugin allows reselling of your services, and selling access “packages”. read more…
  • (new) Implemented REST API module for easy integration
  • Completely reworked code and design
  • Uses Zend Framework and HTML_QuickForm2 libraries
  • Supports themes for admin and user pages. Themes can have configurable values, for example, to define custom colors
  • New WordPress integration only needs several mouse clicks to setup, and you can protect posts in WordPress making it available for paid users only, and you can even use WordPress theme in aMember!
  • Facebook integration built-in
  • Configurable multi-page signup and profile forms (aMember CP -> Forms Editor)
  • The same (customizable) signup form is now used to bill both new and existing customers
  • Products may have several “Billing Plans” defined. You do not need to create new products to provide monthly and yearly billing.
  • Reworked, normalized database structure. It is ready now for advanced reporting and other important features
  • No plain-text passwords stored in database. We have invented a special technique so that plain-text passwords no longer need to be stored and third-party scripts integrations is still possible.
  • aMember CP -> Content page allows you to control all kind of protected user content from one page: files (uploadable via browser), folders, pages (editable in browser), links and autoresponder/expiration e-mail messages. Without using any additional plugins, you can define access to be provided after a specified number of days one the the subscription is started.
  • All tables within aMember CP uses our own unique grid component. It supports paging, filtering, sorting, AJAX updating and running different actions on records.
  • User grid within aMember CP allows you to filter users based on numerous criteria. For example you can select records from New York city, having active subscription to Product XX and having no expired subscription to Product YY. When records are found, you can browse and run actions on these records – for example, you can delete them, lock them, or send an e-mail message to all the users. You can also save the User Search so it is quickly available to run another day.
  • Product Categories implemented – This is useful for grouping products in the admin control panel, grouping them in the Shopping Cart, and defining access permissions.
  • Import script has been completely reworked to simplify the import process with an easy step-by-step interface and a list of helpful hints.
  • E-Mail Users Function has been reworked. It now stores a history of all sent e-mails and allows you to finish interrupted e-mailing, or repeat previous e-mail messages.
  • E-Mail Queue has been implemented, which allows the script to queue e-mail messages into a database so as not to go over limits configured by a web-hosting provider. All outgoing e-mail messages can be logged to the database, for admin review.
  • Reporting engine has been reworked to provide visually appealing graphic reports.
  • Rebuild Db function has been reworked to handle data by portions. When it was tested on 100,000 users database with plugins enabled, it finished in 5 minutes.
  • There is an online interface to translate aMember messages
  • It is possible to localize different strings from the database – for example product names and descriptions can be translated to various foreign languages and if customer selects a specific language, translated titles will be shown in the signup form. We will continue to work toward making aMember ready for multi-language websites.
  • There is a special “Build Demo” function available to fill the Member database with random user records to make testing easier.
  • New “HelpDesk” module. Customers can contact you – create tickets and you may answer them from aMember CP. Customer will be notified about response by e-mail.
  • Recaptcha integration – if configured, can be used in signup forms and will be used if user enters wrong password 5 times instead of delays.
  • New Affiliate Program module – you must see it
  • new affiliate program will now be recording “leads”. So, for any referred customer, you will know what banner or link he clicked, and when hi first came to your website.
  • you can upload affiliate banners, marketing materials, and lightboxes right from admin interface
  • flexible, rule-based affiliates commission configuration possible. You can define commission based on product, affiliate sales last month, and on other parameters.
  • do not ask for configured signup form bricks for some payment processors – not yet enabled, but cool feature. If we know we will receive customer name from payment processor, name fields will be hidden in signup form, and automatically filled-in after payment. This makes signup form shorter, and this always increase sales.
  • create user/invoice/payment based on transaction (if enabled for payprocessor) – well known and popular v3 feature is implemented for v4
  • profile form – email confirmation required before the e-mail address is changed in profile
  • admin interface can be completely translated to foreign languages
  • multi-currency handling – even if you selling in different currencies, you define exchange rates to date, and you will get correct reports in “base currency”
  • implement partial refunds
  • Export option implemented – on bottom of grid, click “Export” link and you can receive data in CSV or XML format – for all table, or for filtered dataset – on your choice
  • allow access after expiration – for any content item (see “Manage Content”) you can set expiration date to “forever”. In this case customer will have access to the item, even when his subscription expires.
  • import new e-mail templates on upgrade – e-mail templates for modules are stored in xml files and imported on setup. Additional modules may define its own e-mail templates.
  • automated upgrade/plugin installer – aMember Pro has now automated upgrade system like one implemented in WordPress. This will make site maintenance lot easier

Interested? Look at detailed, illustrated by screenshots, features list, try online demo, or watch learning videos

Upgrading from aMember Pro version 3

It is good time to upgrade your aMember v3 to v4. Upgrade instructions are available.

How much does upgrade cost?

To reward our loyal customers, we do not set any special upgrade price for this major upgrade. If you ordered aMember Pro less than 6 months ago, or if you have active “Upgrades&Support” subscription, so you do not need to pay extra. Just login into members area and you may download new version to play with it.

If your subscription is expired, you may order “Upgrades&Support” subscription within members area, it is only $80 for 12 months, starting from the date of purchase. Amount is the same no matter if you own 10 or 100 aMember Pro licenses.

Special! If you order new aMember Pro license, you get another 6 months of upgrades for free, and these updates can be used for your existing websites too!