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  • ...x (You usually do not need it, just add ?_ to SQL before the table name to add prefix) == How to access database object to run queries ==
    2 KB (354 words) - 02:56, 9 October 2012
  • ...ership/subscription management PHP script. It is installed on your website to provide the following functionality: * Simple Help Desk functionality to provide easy communication between customers and site administrators
    7 KB (1,172 words) - 07:03, 3 May 2018
  • ...cts. <br> ''[ A video guide to product configuration] is available'' '''To Access the Manage Products Page'''
    3 KB (530 words) - 15:43, 6 December 2012
  • ...ducts are added to a category. Hence, before you add products, you need to add product categories. See adding categories for more information. #Login to the Admin Panel.
    2 KB (357 words) - 23:09, 19 September 2011
  • ...ns available in this section. Click on the links below to learn more about how you can protect that item. #Login to the Admin Panel.
    989 bytes (140 words) - 18:28, 2 October 2012
  • aMember allows to create your own forms with the specific sections you need. You can choose a :Is the form a customer uses to sign up for a subscription/account on your site.
    5 KB (909 words) - 05:14, 30 December 2016
  • ...of aMember enables you to set up coupons for promotions that you can offer to your customer. You can create a coupom and specify the % of discount, the ...n case you want customer can uses coupon code you need to add Coupon Brick to your signup form. You can do it at aMember CP -> Configuration -> Forms Edi
    4 KB (653 words) - 02:10, 7 July 2014
  • ...iliates while adding the user or later. The Add User page is where you can add information for the user. #Login to the Admin Panel.
    3 KB (549 words) - 18:13, 26 September 2011
  • via import is that you can add multiple users at once without having to add each user separately. All you will need is a .csv file with the following d # Login to the Admin Panel.
    3 KB (586 words) - 20:59, 26 September 2011
  • you can upload your logo, choose color, and put some text to header and footer. ...y any template, image or CSS from the ''application/default/views'' folder to your theme folder and it will override the default theme. Your custom theme
    6 KB (939 words) - 05:45, 27 May 2017
  • ...ipt or pages. It is particularly useful for adding paid membership support to an existing PHP-based application. ...e very top (before the opening &lt;html&gt; tag) of the PHP pages you wish to protect as follows:
    3 KB (490 words) - 10:01, 13 February 2013
  • # Redirect customer to payment system with correct parameters const PLUGIN_STATUS = self::STATUS_DEV; // do not add plugin into production build
    6 KB (743 words) - 02:38, 25 February 2017
  • ...feature is based on the video files being uploaded to the site's server or to Amazon S3 storage. ...Player is included in the aMember installation. To use FlowPlayer you have to enter the license (free version) provided by aMember.
    8 KB (1,406 words) - 02:53, 21 December 2012
  • feature is serves video files uploaded to the site's server or to Amazon S3 storage. ...s link a window pops open that contains the license key. Copy this license to your clipboard.
    8 KB (1,315 words) - 04:19, 15 February 2013
  • == How to Add New Affiliate Banners == ...Then, click the New Record button and a form will open. You will be asked to input the following:
    2 KB (282 words) - 13:40, 19 September 2012
  • ...ogin to your website using Facebook account, as well as adds "Like" button to member area. To enable and configure the plugin, follow these instructions:
    1 KB (190 words) - 06:16, 19 September 2012
  • *[[How to redirect user to different thanks page after payment]] *[[How to enable access to helpdesk only if user have special product]]
    2 KB (301 words) - 06:28, 14 December 2016
  • Module provides an ability to split test several signup forms. It also provides simple statistics of user Adds free subscription to affiliate's account if affiliate refers more then configured count of new u
    11 KB (1,573 words) - 08:16, 13 October 2015
  • === How to enable email verification on signup? === #Click edit icon opposite signup form which you want to have email verification enabled.
    15 KB (2,361 words) - 05:12, 19 March 2018
  • ...fficient and allows to unlimited number of protected downloads of any size to practically any number of customers. Usage of this service is recommended i ...generate links with authentication token for users to provide access them to your content on Amazon S3.'''
    2 KB (381 words) - 09:14, 16 June 2016

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