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While the access to WordPress pages/posts can be restricted as earlier described, any links on the page must also use a protection scheme or they can easily be bookmarked and visited later without the user being logged in. This page covers the best way to protect video files. Other file protection is covered on this page.

The current aMember video protection feature is based on the video files being uploaded to the site's server. If the videos that need protected, are large and you expect a large bandwidth requirement to serve up the files, a content distribution network (CDN) solution such as Amazon's S3 should be considered. Note that Amazon S3 integration is on aMember's Road Map for the next major release (4.2).

Installing Flowplayer

The aMember video protection solution requires the installation of Flowplayer on your server. Go to the Flowplayer download page - - and download either the free or paid version.

Extract the downloaded .zip file and look for the following files. They must be renamed and placed on your server as described below. The 3 digit number that is removed in the file renaming steps below may be different based on the exact version of Flowplayer.

  1. Rename this file to "flowplayer.controls.swf" and place it on your server as shown:
  2. Rename this file to "flowplayer.swf" and place it on your server as shown:
  3. Open the "example" folder to access the final file.

Protect video 9.png

  1. Rename this file to "flowplayer.js" and place it on your server as shown:

Protect video 10.png

To upload a video file to the site's server and add protection to it follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Products" bar in the left menu
  2. Click on the "Product Content" menu button
  3. Click on the "Video" button in the top menu bar
  4. Click on the "New Record" button as show in the image below

Protect video 1.png

A form like the one shown below will then open up.

To add a file with protection follow these steps:

  1. Video File - Upload a video from your local computer by using the file upload feature -or-
  2. Video File - Browse to a video that already exists on the server using the file browser feature
  3. Title - Add a title/name to the video
  4. Description - Enter a short description of the video here
  5. Hide - By default, links to protected videos are listed in the Member's Area. If you do not want the link shown in the Member's area, check this box.
  6. Access Permissions - Click on "Please select an item..." drop down menu to assign a membership product, or category, to the video.
  7. Save - Always finsh by clicking on the "Save" button

Protect video 2.png

  1. After clicking on the "Please select an item..." drop down menu, the menu will open up to display all previously defined membership products and categories.
  2. Choose from the listed products or categories. After you make a choice, you can reopen the drop down menu and make additional choices.

Protect video 3.png

After a product, or category, is picked, it will be displayed as shown in the image below.

  1. You can delete a membership product, or category, by clicking on the "X"
  2. By default, access to the video will start as defined in the Product setup configuration.
  3. By default, access to the video will expire as defined in the Product setup configuration.
  4. Always click on "Save" after making any changes on this page.

Note that the "start" and "expiration" days can be configured to provide video access in an incremental fashion. For more information on setting up incremental content delivery, see this page.

Protect video 4.png

After the video configuration page is saved. The video will be shown on the Video List Page as shown in the image below.

  1. Click to Expand - Click on this link to access JavaScript code that can be used to embed the video into a WordPress page/post.
  2. Link - This is the link to use for the protected video. Hover over the link and click the right mouse button. From the contectual menu choose "Copy link address"
  3. Edit - Click on this icon to edit the settings for the protected video.
  4. Delete - Click on this icon to delete the video from the protected area.

Protect video 5.png

To use the embed code, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the JavaScript Code link
  2. A box will open up and provide embed code for the video
  3. The width can be defined here.
  4. The height can be defined here. Note that you do not need to define height since the player will establish the height based on the width and the video's aspect ratio.
  5. Highlight all the text, right click the mouse and copy all the code to your computer's clipboard.

Protect video 6.png

To embed the video in a WordPress page/post, follow these steps:

  1. Start a new page in WordPress
  2. Give the page a name
  3. Click on the "HTML" tab on the editor (important)
  4. Paste the embed code into the editor
  5. Publish the page

Note that you can also add protection to the entire page using the aMember Protection panel located towards the bottom of the page.

Protect video 8.png