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Product Billing :: Trial Period with Subsequent Recurring Payments


This example will show you how to implement a product that will grant a 'Free Trial' after the trial the recurring payments will be implemented


From your aMember Control Panel select 'Manage Products' then 'New Product'


Complete your normal details, Title, Description etc and in the billing plan input something like;


Don't forget to set the 'Terms Text' so that it shows the information that you need, the default generated is probably not what you want to show your clients.

When all set click the 'Save' button

Multiple Trials

Normally you would want to only allow one free trial per client to disallow multiple free trials you will need to do the following after saving your trial product, select the free trial product for editing


Go to 'Product Availability', select the 'Disallow ordering of this product if user has' and click on 'ACTIVE' & 'EXPIRED' for this product



You will see something like the following


When all set click the 'Save' button

Subsequent Order

If a client uses a free trial and cancels if you lock them out using the Multiple Trials option, then you need to create a second product which does not have the trial period, you would then set in 'Product Availability', the 'To order this product user must have an' and click on 'ACTIVE' & 'EXPIRED' for the trial product. The non-trial product will only then appear if they have made use of the trial product.


How you setup this additional product will depend on your policy for the product. If only one subscription is allowed you will need to set both products restrictions to suit.


Some payment processors will not allow differing periods, normally the trial period should be the same length as the recurring one. If you are direct billing credit cards using a processor like eWay you can set up periods as you desire.