Plimus Plugin Configuration

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This readme describes process of configuration of Plimus payment integration for aMember ( ).

  • Open aMember CP -> Setup -> Plugins and select Plumis from available payment plugins list.


  • Now you should see a list of products

(if you don't see any you need to create a product)


  • Once you are inside a Product, you should see the list of contracts

(there will always be a default contract called "Full Version").


Write down contract ID you will need it later.

  • Please click on one of the contracts.

Now you are inside the contract settings, on the top of the page there is a line of options (colored blue), you will need to choose "Custom Fields".

You will have 5 custom fields to use, choose the first one and mark it as "Active".

Next step is to choose the title of the custom field, please set it to "custom1".

The type should be "Hidden".


  • Go to Settings -> General Settings and Configure IPN URL in your Plimus account to this URL:


  • Create separate product in aMember CP for each Plimus contract. And Specify Contract ID in aMember CP -> Manage Products -> Edit Product -> Plimus Contract ID