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aMember allows to create your own forms with the specific sections you need. You can choose a template offered by aMember or upload a template of your own and select the sections you need in your form.

Creating a New Form

There are two types of forms that you can create using the Forms Editor.

  • New Signup Form
Is the form using which a customer can sign up for a subscription/account on your site.
  • New Affliate Signup Form
Is the form using which a customer/non-customer can signup as a affiliate.

Creating a New Signup Form

  1. Select the Forms Editor from the options on the left side of the page. See forms editor for more instructions on how to do this.
  2. On the Forms Editor page, click on the "New Signup Form".
  3. The New Signup Form page will be displayed.

Adding Form Information

  1. The Form Type field is prefilled since you selected the New Signup Form. This cannot be changed.
  2. In the "Custom Signup Form Title", enter a name for the form to use a custom title. Otherwise leave the field blank and the default title for the form will be used.
  3. In the "Comment" field, type in any notes about the form for internal reference. The contents of this field will not be displayed to customers. It is purely for admin reference.
  4. In the "Secret Code" field, enter a code to control who can signup for an account. When you enter a code here, only those people who have the code will be able to sigup using the form. To allow anyone to signup without restriction, leave this field blank.

Adding Form Bricks

Form Bricks are nothing but form sections that you can choose to build your form. You can choose individual form bricks to include in your form according to your requirements and also customize the form labels.

To Add Form Bricks

The new signup forms comes with some form bricks already added the form. You can remove these bricks and add other available bricks to create your form. There are two columns of form bricks

  • Form Bricks - are those bricks that have already been added to the form.
  • Available Bricks - are those bricks that are available for your use. You can add any number of available bricks to your form to customize it according to your preferences.
  • To add fields into the form, click on that item in the "Available Bricks" list and drag it to "Form Bricks".
  • To remove fields, click on the item in the "Form Bricks" and drag it to "Available Bricks".
  • To make a form multi-page, select "PageSeparator" from the "Available Bricks" and drag into the place where you want page to be split.

Customizing Form Bricks

You can customize form bricks to display the items and labels that you want in the form fields. These can be customized once you add an available form brick to the selected form bricks.

Customizing Form Labels
1.Click on "labels" for the items whose label needs to be edited. See screenshot below.
2. The Edit Label pop-up window is displayed. In this window, you can select the label for the field and the actual starting value in the field.
3. Type in the labels that you would like to see in the appropriate fields provided and click "OK" to save changes or "Cancel" to discard changes.
Customizing Form Display and Input Type
1. Click on "Configure" for the item that needs to be edited. See screenshot below. Note: Only some fields have the configure option.
2. The Product Configuration pop-up window is displayed. In this window, what to display and the selection/input type. :Editdisplay.png
3. In the "What to Display" field, click on the arrow button and select the categories to display from the drop-down list of available options.
4. In the "Input Type" field, click on the arrow button and select the input type from the drop-down list of available options.The selection type you select here will be displayed on the form. For example, if you select "Radio buttons" here. The user will have to select a radio button in this field.


5. Click "OK" to save changes or "Cancel" to discard changes.

Choosing a Form Template

Creating a New Affiliate Signup Form