Backup Strategy

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How many Backups and Frequency

Backup Locations

  • Local (Server)
  • Remote (Like AWS S3)
  • Download

Things to remember

  • Developer pre-backup
    Whenever you have someone working on your site make sure that you have a full backup
  • Upgrades
    before performing upgrades whether to aMember, WordPress etc do a full backup as well


Always make sure that any site customisations have been copied somewhere safe, a simple ftp download of thses items can save you an enormous amount of time if they are accidentally lost/deleted during other site work.

  • Themes
  • CSS
  • Code Customisations

Other Issues

  • Set email to something like google apps So if the server is down email still works.
  • Set DNS on AWS Route 53 so that you can quickly redirect your web site to another server, also for the email option above