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The access log records all instances of when users accessed aMember, the pages they visited, the date, and the IP address they used to log on.

Viewing the Access Log

  1. Select "Utilities" from the options on the left side of the page.
  2. Click on "Logs" under "Utilities".
  3. Click on the "Access" button.
4. The Access Logs page will be displayed.

Viewing Page that User Accessed

1. To view the page on which the error occured,look in the URL column.
2. If the user accessed one of the main pages like the signup page, cart, etc, the URL will be displayed.
3. Otherwise, click on the "Click to Expand" column for page whose URL you want to view.
4. The complete URL for the page which the user accessed will be displayed.

Search for an Access Record

Sorting the Access Log