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    Dec 23, 2013
    I have a very complex Registration form that I created a plugin to handle everything that needs to be done. This registration form collections information on a main user and the subuser and on payment it creates the subuser and adds all of the necessary access for them.

    When I create the registration and payment is complete, the user and subuser exist in aMember and everything looks like it is correct as far as access goes. However, the sub user does not exist in WordPress, which generates an error when the user logs in because they don't have access to the protected WordPress page that they need to go to when logged in. Is there an Event I should be calling when I add the sub-user to create the WordPress user? If there isn't event, is the a specific function my plugin should call after I insert the subuser that inserts the user into the WordPress database?

    I have the integration set up to add a user on each product of category "Membership". I also added a 2nd WordPress integration for the specific product that is added for subusers.

    You can view the 2 page registration form here: https://www.floridaguardians.com/members/joinfsga?signup=SYh6jdJg

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