Wordpress Integration or Stand Alone?

Discussion in 'Integration' started by bvannorman, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. bvannorman

    bvannorman New Member

    Sep 25, 2009
    Hi folks - my first post, but not my first day :)

    I'd like to hear your thoughts on going the Wordpress integration route vs. a stand alone deployment of Amember. I know that Amember has come a long way since it's first WP version and frankly, I'm not concerned about issues arising from Amember, but rather conflicting theme issues, plugin issues. etc. etc. are my concern.

    I don't need any fancy stuff with my Amember install (other than a WP theme - matched header and footer) to match the look of my WP site).

    The reason I've asked is that I've read a lot of threads/ issues with users trying to get the Amember Wordpress integration to run smoothly, but I have no experience with that configuration... only the stand-alone install.

    Can anyone provide me with some advice/ guidance here from experience?
  2. pkrpkram

    pkrpkram New Member

    Apr 26, 2011
    I had the same thoughts and decided for a mixed solution because I don't need the sophistication of WP and aMember fully integrated. Even though WP has fancy pancy plugins, especially for the front end, the big advantage of aMember is it's robust software and, just as important, top notch support.
    I did a quick test with a few of the available Wordpress membership plugins to perhaps have everything based on Wordpress, but they just can't beat aMember - even if it has a steep learning curve.
    So now I'm using Wordpress as a front end and aMember as the backend (handling payments, security, member access, etc). I tend to keep the databases as separate as possible to avoid Wordpress plugins/themes with their frequent updates and incompatibility risks to potentially mess up the aMember database.
    So far it works fine although on my local MAMP PRO test server some WP themes have minor issues - some shapes not being exactly aligned. It all works good enough to recently buy another aMember license.

    PS Here are my settings (WP and aMember installed separately):
    1. Enable Wordpress module in aMember and connect to Wordpress database. Setup/Configuration>Wordpress settings: Use another MySQL Db:checked; Use Wordpress theme: checked.
    2. aMember CP>Protect Content>Integrations: no record defined

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