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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by la_scrapbookeuse, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Feb 11, 2010
    I have 2 Wordpress blog for years (one free and one where people need to pay to have the crafting tutorials). It's getting too big now and I need a Membership software. I would like to "combinate" these 2 Wordpress blog into 1 blog that would have a 3 different level section: a public that doesn't need subcription, a Level 1 and I would like to add a new Gold Level... In the subscriber section, I would like to have private post, a forum and a community gallery. Here are my questions:

    0. Do people will have to register 3 times : in aMember, in the forum and in the community gallery?

    1. May I still publish public post and have "private" post on the same blog? So people who paid level 1 see public and level 1 post. And people who paid Gold Level see public, level 1 and Gold post all at the same place.

    2. When people pay for subscriber, are they going to be automatically a forum member for their level. So I can have a section of the forum for level 1 and another section in the same forum for Gold level subscriber without having to set it.

    3. Is it possible to have a community gallery where every subscriber post their picture of the project (I would sell craft tutorial). Is it possible to have private gallery for Gold subscriber.

    4. Is it possible to have login section, a forum and a gallery in French?

    5. Is every subscriber will have an affiliate code?

    6. Do people will be able to earn badges when posting in a specific forum or in a specific gallery section?

    7. Is the Wordpress plugin allow me to do almost everything in my wordpress admin panel?

    8. Is it possible to make one blog with the 2 existing one. I would like to export all my "private" post to my free blog and have it setup so only "member" can see it. I don't want to edit every private post to set the level, can I do it in one batch.

    9. Last, but not least, is the look of my site will be uniform: I want the same heather, the same "page menu" and the same sidebar for either the blog, the forum and the gallery.

  2. alexander

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    Jan 8, 2003
    0,. If you will use scripts that can be integrated with aMember: http://www.amember.com/integration.php and corresponding plugins.
    1. Sure this is possible with additional plugins for wordpress itself, or with this plugin :
    2. Yes
    3. Yes this is possible.
    4. This depends on third-party scripts that you will use
    5. Sure this can be configured in aMember.
    6. Again depends on third-party scripts that you will use.
    7. This one will allow: http://www.amember.com/p/integration/new-wordpress-plugin/
    8. Sure you can protect post's by categories. with above wordpress plugin.
    9. You can customize aMember templates to change it look. Other scripts should be custmized as well.
  3. alexander

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    Jan 8, 2003
    Plugin allow to protect posts/pages within wordpress, handle single login between aMember and wordpress, also have three usefull widgets, one for login form and two default wordpress widgets (menu and text) that can be protected.

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