Wordpress / aMember User Role: Problem or Not?

Discussion in 'Integration' started by mbisogno, Jul 7, 2012.

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    I've just realised that by setting my aMember subscribers as 'Editor' in Wordpress integration, they have 'write' permissions that I don't want them to have.

    I have changed the 'protect folder' integration to now give 'Contributor' status (which is fine, as they cannot publish), and I assume this will assign that status for new customers.

    My question is that when I try to change an existing user from 'Editor' to 'Contributor' in Wordpress, they disappear from the 'aMember Active' user list in Wordpress.

    Is this a problem, or simply a display issue?

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    I would set them to subscriber.

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    Do not set them as 'Subscriber' if you wish to allow them to create posts, set them as 'Contributor'.

    As a Contributor they will be able to create posts but not publish them.

    This is the use case we require for our project.

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