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Discussion in 'Customization & add-ons' started by ccwjames, Dec 28, 2016.

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    Sep 11, 2014
    Could we have a sticky post for wish lists, then the report bug page?
    Some may see a great ideal or a bad idea and could also give feedback on any ideals

    My wish-list still for amember:
    1. In the main admin under "Users Report", that when you hoover and see #of users say for pending, the blue text is clickable and takes you to a already filtered out members-list with say pending.
    2. Ip`s to be clickable and easy traced to where. I use ipcountry files ( http://www.ip2location.com/databases/db1-ip-country) but a free one and has a nice flag next to the ip, so i know where their ip/isp is from. Reason for me is i block vpns.
    3. Rebills to have some options like today, this week, this month
    4. Some how to advise users if admin is signed into site. (could be used for help-desks, link to Skype etc)
    5. site.php to allow some bcc code in there for images in welcome message. I would 100% more like this is a plugin then some code in site php. many boards like ipb use a welcome topic and can add loads of info, videos, images in there.
    6. Better alignment for wording on site, as a lot seems to be the right, when English is reading left to right and should all be left aligned.
    7. To be able to size amember wider from a "board setting" as to me it looks too thin. Of course this would also auto size for mobiles or tablets.
    8. As per great post on here, a way to add banned ips, emails or usernames like website hooks.
    9. wiki and plugins to have better english and guides. Some information is months old and also some plugins come with no help whats so ever in setting up or using.
    10. products to have a date when can be brought or not brought. example. weekend pass, can only be brought friday and set as a 3 day pass. OR free ones, mon-friday only. cant be brought friday, sat, sunday
    11. Under users to have groups and can add discounts to said groups on items. example. gold member 50% of any products, silver 25% maybe this can be done via a auto made coupon for groups

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