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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by RichardGrady, Apr 21, 2006.

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    Apr 21, 2006
    I bought my first copy of aMember in 2002 (version 1.8.6). A month later, I bought a second copy. I knew next to nothing about scripts/programming back then and Alex was incredibly helpful in getting things up and running. At the time I was amazed by aMember and couldn't believe how much of my workload the script handled for me. The two scripts paid for themselves hundreds of times over and both of them are still working perfectly today (I never bothered to upgrade - why mess with something that is working fine?).

    A year or so ago I purchased a third copy of aMember (version 1.9.3) and was extremely pleased with the number of improvements/new features that had been added. Again, Alex couldn't have been more helpful with installing/configuring the script.

    Last week I purchased a fourth copy of aMember (latest version) and I am blown away by the features that have been added since the last one I purchased - seriously!

    aMember was a fantastic script four years ago - today it is truly wonderful and the support that is provided by Alex cannot be faulted.

    I have been using aMember daily for over four years now and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    If you need a script to run a membership site, buying aMember really is a no-brainer.

    Richard Grady

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