Why we will never go ANYWHERE else for Membership software

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Lisaweb, May 28, 2004.

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    We'll be honest - we spent hundreds of dollars trying to make 5 other Membership programs work for us before happening upon aMember. (Alex, I'm glad to see you've optimize your site so your easier to find.)

    Our needs were a bit unusual - we needed the membership software to be integrated with our reporting software.

    However, this is what happened time and time again with other programs: We'd ask, can you customize it for our needs? Making many promises, others would always say, "Yes, we can do that."

    But this is where the problems would begin. They would start customizing it, and right towards the end of the project, they'd tell us, "We can't figure out how to do it they way you want it."

    With aMember, when we asked, they too said Yes. But one thing was different - they were the only ones that had a Customer forum, so we could look and see if others were happy with them. When we saw that they seemed to make everyone happy, we decided to try them.

    We are sooooo glad. They have fully exceeded our expectations! They have completely customized the software for our requirements, and affordably too. And they have continued to add features for us - anything we've asked that involves their software, they've been able to do. They are extremely talented script programmers!

    EVERY email we write them is always answered. Their support is the best. They have or will customize for every feature you could want. Why go anywhere else?

    Lisa Thompson
    Senior Project Manager

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