Why does aMember make it so difficult to get support?

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by ncmuze, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. ncmuze

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    Aug 11, 2008
    I wanted to chip in with my experience of aMember support. Overall it's been pretty good from my experience, but I have received the one liner replies, and sometimes delays in responses, but generally I've been OK with it. aMember has been at the core of my business since 2008. Attitudes can change though, and I've recently encountered a serious problem with the aMember MySQL:

    MYSQL Error happened, script stopped. Website admin can find more details about the problem

    Members have trouble in being able to login, and so do I. Naturally I went straight to the aMember support desk, and I was pretty much told it's a host problem. OK, so I contact my hosting company. I have spoken with 3 different support staff, and probably for 2 hours at a time, all of which cannot find anything wrong! There is nothing in the error logs at all. I finally received one reply today from aMember, the reply was a one liner and honestly didn't serve any purpose or offer any solution to this problem.

    My business is critical, for my family and for my disabled son. I've worked hard at what I do, and I will be honest and say this is the first major problem I have had with my own aMember install, it's always been solid as a rock. As I said my overall experience with support has been fine, but then I've never really needed it much, but when I have like this past week, I feel kind of thrown to the wind.
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    I've moved this post to the troubleshoting section of the site to get better attention.

    Regarding your MYSQL error, do you have access to PHPMyadmin? Are any of your aMember tables in a broken status, if so (first do a full backup/export) then attempt a repair.

    If no tables are in a failed state, are you able to run things like Optimize without issue?

    Can you log into admin, just not the front end?

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