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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by wpaige, Oct 24, 2004.

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    I work with a wide range of software, including Peoplesoft, Oracle, SQL Server, SMS, etc. Mostly I work with enterprise-level software. CGI-Central offers excellent support. Example: Peoplesoft charges the company I work for $250,000 a year for support. Only after about four days of emails and calls, do they ever offer to connect up and look at the issue.

    Only after two emails (and in the same day), CGI-Central requested connection information and, then, fixed the problem.

    If you use Peoplesoft's costs of support: 250,000/256=$976.5625, then you can times that by 4 equaling $3906.25 to look at a problem. The cost of $139.00 for product/install/troubleshooting is ridiculous and should be taken advantage by anyone looking to run a membership-based site (hurry before Alex Scott realizes that he is crazy).

    Thanks Alex for helping me with my issue.

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