Well, I like it!

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by amanoffewwords, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. :D Actually I love it!

    I was going to buy another software (PHP ***** ***) since it did what I need: register, issue password and ids and accept Paypal.

    HOWEVER, aMember sold it to me instantly since a) it has a load more payment systems included in the price, is easier to customise template wise, seems to be updated it more frequently, has more protections types - love the fact you're not just stuck with pop-up windows and htpasswd and that it uses MySql for user/password management, supports https and, well I could go on but time is money and money is time as they say. :D

    And I've made my first sale so I'm a happy bunny too!

    I do have a couple of minor suggestions:

    - In the admin panel I think user passwords should be encrypted or not visible at all - if they need a password reminder they can use the appropriate link

    - The "Browser user": would be nicer if it defaulted to "ALL" instead of "A", IMHO anyway

    - And the "Payments for last 7 days" in aMember CP - would be nice if you had a choice of 7/14/this month/last month/this year to date etc to display in the summary panel

    - Integration into Simple Machine Forum would be nice too. :)

    Small gripes which I could probably fix myself but otherwise a very nice piece of software.

    Good work people!


    nb: Mine's on www.ecusb.net which requires free registration, the sign-up page for aMember is here: http://www.ecusb.net/member/index.php

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