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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by webguy75903, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. webguy75903

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    Nov 24, 2009
    Hello All. I'm hoping that someone could assist me with answering some questions. I've been through the amember site, and been looking around for answers, and it seems like the answers stop short of answering the specific questions I have. So I'm going to ask all my questions here in this thread, and hopefully someone can help me.

    First, some brief background: I am the web developer for a site running VBulletin 3.8.x. I am not the owner. The owner has expressed to me a desire to have paid subscriptions. These paid subscriptions will be based primarily on content-level access. In other words, regular registered users who have not paid any money will have access to a group of forums/sub-forums (well call it Group A). When a user pays to join Group B, and get access to those forums/sub-forums, they still need to have access to Group B. And so on and so forth. There are multiple levels of paid member statuses that are desired.

    Now, my questions:

    1. When a user signs up to join a usergroup in my cited-example, I believe I read that aMember and vBulletin will talk, and place said user into the proper group. Am I correct on that?

    2. Addendum to the previous question, will aMember be able to distinguish between multiple usergroups, and know which usergroup the paying member should go into?

    3. Will aMember track expirations?

    4. If the answer to question #3 above is "Yes", will aMember pull that user out of the applicable usergroup automatically, or just notify the Site Administrator (my boss) that user X has not paid, and we need to pull him/her out manually?

    5. Can we have aMember adjust other settings within vBulletin other than usergroup assignments? This isn't a need at this time, but just as an example, maybe unpaid, regular ol' registered users get a 50-PM limit, but paid members get 1000. Can aMember set that type of property, or is it restricted to just usergroup assignments?

    Those are my most pressing questions. Right now, I'm evaluation-mode. Need to find a solution. So I appreciate anyone's help in trying to help me in my evaluations. Thanks in advance...

  2. alexander

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    Jan 8, 2003
    1. yes you are correct. You will be able to assign each vBulletin group to amember product.
    2. Yes see above.
    3. Yes when user will expire he will be removed from group.
    4. It will be automatically.
    5. Corrently only user groups assigments are supported. But I believe this is possible to do what you need anyway. You can create separate group for expired users and set this limitations for that group, then aMember will add user to that group when his account will expire.
  3. miso

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    Aug 22, 2006
    I got a question about this... why can't you do that within vBulletin itself? It supports payments/subscriptions, right? Can't you create custom Subscriptions and assign them to custom Usergroups with custom permissions?

    Just curious why you're considering throwing in aMember into the mix, as I've seen this before and it baffled me a bit...
  4. sky2brian

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    Nov 9, 2008
    this question was not for me but my 2cents.

    Because Amember
    1. Support more payment options
    2. Better reporting
    3. Affiliate support
    4. Integration with other products
    5. Can query the DB fields a lot easier to make custom add-ons
    this list goes on..

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