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Discussion in 'Installation' started by wizzazza, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Jan 30, 2007
    Having previously only used aMember with a non-Wordpress site, I want to be sure I understand the setup and process when using with a WP site.

    My requirement is simple - I don't need to create/manage WP users/roles... I just need to restrict access to specific WP pages.

    If I've understood correctly...
    aMember handles the registration and payment.
    The plugin which is installed in WP handles the content protection?

    And the set-up process is...
    1 In aMember 'Setup/Configuration : : Plugins' I have to enable the Wordpress integration plugin?
    2 And then in aMember 'Setup/Configuration : : Wordpress' I have to complete all - or just the database - sections?
    3 And then in aMember 'Protect Content: Integrations' I have to create a record for 'wordpress plugin'.
    4 And then in Wordpress, I install the plugin and then assign protection to appropriate pages/categories?

    Then, when someone registers (through aMember, because WP registration is disabled) aMember adds them to WordPress as 'aMember active' user?

    Having read that users should only be edited within aMember and not WP, I'm wondering what happens if a user is inadvertently deleted within Wordpress... presumably they can no longer view protected content? But their record within aMember remains unchanged unless in aMember 'Setup/Configuration : : Wordpress' the 'remove users' option is selected?
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    Apr 10, 2008
    Yes I think you understand most of it correctly:

    When you do the WordPress integration with aMember... You set the WordPress member permissions level they get when their aMember account is created. It can be something like "subscriber" which is a default WordPress permission or the default "aMember active" which aMember adds to WordPress.

    If you have a sophisticated site with multiple membership levels it can get more complex but it doesn't need to be. Just using "aMember active" should be good enough for most sites.

    When you protect your content you will have a new set of boxes at the bottom of your WordPress editor. When you create a page in WordPress or blog post under the WYSIWYG you'll see a new aMember section. This allows you to choose which products someone needs to access a page. You can setup the behavior for what they see if they aren't logged in, don't have the right permissions, etc.

    There are also other ways to do it like using special markup language to protect content within a page. I won't get into all the details here as I don't want to confuse people :)

    As to a user being inadvertently deleted... You don't give user's access to delete themselves and then you won't have the problem ;)

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