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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by nlnsta, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. nlnsta

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    Hi everyone,
    I hope someone can help with a question I have about using other PHP scripts within my protected area.

    I have a site that has a public and members only area. In the protected members only section I want to incorporate several features such as a calendar of events, voting polls etc., all of which use a MySQL database and all are written in PHP using installation scripts that automatically create the database tables etc.

    I am looking at creating my site in two sections - public access and members only. I will then install aMember (or get Alex to do it) and protect the members only area of my site. Once that has all been configured, I would then install the calendar and make it available on a members page - same with the voting polls.

    My question relates to using the aMember database (probably with new table entries??) rather that having to use multiple MySQL databases. I am concerned that if I integrate the calendar or voting polls into my site and attempt to use the aMember database (even if the install script for the calendar creates new table entries), that I will possibly jeopardise the database integrity and/or end up destroying the aMember tables.
    For stability, should I use a separate database on my web host or would using the single aMember database be fine?

    If anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks - and have a good weekend!
    Scott Nolan.
  2. alex-adm

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    Hi Scott,
    aMember can be installed with tables prefix - we usually do it in this way, so all aMember table names starts from "amember_", so it cannot conflict with any other tables. So, aMember doesn't require separate database.

    You should check your other scripts to ensure that they won't conflict. aMember won't be a problem here.

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