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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Guest_Scott, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. Guest_Scott

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    Is it possible to to have a customization that allows 2 or more processors to be used in an affiliate program? Webmaster affiliates would have 2 different affiliate codes for both processors, and enter those when they sign up. Then they would send traffic to the amember affiliate url which would track the sale no matter which processor the user chose. Can this be done?
  2. alex-adm

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    This can be done as we complete affiliate feature for aMember. We have no exact release date, but it will be completed soon - we are working only on it now.
  3. Guest_Scott

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    Okay, may I suggest some features then?

    Have cascading billing, very important. Have the customer go to the first billing processor, and if the transaction is declined, save their non-secure info such as name/address/user/pass, and forward it to the secondary processor to try again. The user would only have to fill in their secure info, credit card etc..

    Another good feature would be to direct the user to a different processor depending on what country IP they're from. So Euro countries could be billed by different processors than US etc..

    Also have the choice by the webmaster if the affiliate is paid directly by the different processors, or by the webmaster. IE amember would track the affiliate sales, and the webmaster would cut the check vs. amember would be used for stats only, but the processors would cut the check.

    What do you think?



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