Using custom Google Analytics code on pages generated by Amember?

Discussion in 'Integration' started by katm, Jul 6, 2012.

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    Jun 5, 2010
    Hi there,
    My client uses the Amember 3.2.3PRO software for her membership site, and we're having trouble with tracking conversions.

    We have a subdomain that acts as a lead generator -- people click through to the main site, where they sign up with Amember. I made simple modifications to the GA code on both the subdomain and main site to track across both domains, following Google's instructions.

    The trouble is, Amember doesn't appear to allow me to make the same customizations to the tracking code. In the version we have, all I can do is enter the GA account number. The code on the pages generated by Amember (all the important ones for tracking goals) do not have the modified code on them.

    When we started tracking subdomains, all our conversion reports started to show only direct/none as the source. Obviously, this is not at all helpful. When I look at the reverse goal path, all the conversion paths end at pages generated by Amember. Analytics cannot see any other source and puts the source as direct/none -- that's what it does when it can't track the traffic.

    We really need to get this working. Any suggestions for getting the GA modifications on the Amember-generated pages?

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