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    Aug 6, 2007
    I have a private forum I've been running for 4 years; all users must be approved by me manually. I do not want to change this (I have about 1,000 members). The first year is free provided they meet entry requirements (why approval is needed). Renewals for each subsequent year is $45 and has been run on the honor system (most members don't know there is a renewal fee and I have only rarely mentioned it in passing). This is what I would like to automate. I need a system that will notify members they will expire within X days and need to renew or they risk being dropped from the board.

    Is there an over ride? Meaning, can I tell the system to renew a member at no cost to them? Some members send generous donations to support the site and I don't want to annoy them with renewal fees.

    This additional bit may be too much to ask for but ideally, the system will notify me first which members are expiring because I may not want that member to renew and prefer to delete them instead (I delete all members who haven't posted once in a calender year). If this is impossible, I can do it manually.

    In sum, no one should be able to access the forum just because they paid a fee if they are not an existing member and their first year is free anyway. I want to use amember for renewals only.

    Thanks in advance for your help. I'm using phpbb 2.xx with a variety of minimal mods.

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