User Access Groups w/ Joomla 1.6 and Amember v3

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    Aug 25, 2008
    I know there have been a few other with similar issues before, but everything that was suggested in other threads was suggested to us and we are still having a little issue. After installing the plug-ins for Amember and Joomla we are having troubles having the log-in modules communicating with the opposing application. Once a user logs-in, based on their membership status the user should be granted access to certain portions of the site.

    After diving deeper into the situation, I started look through Amember's access logs and matching the occurrences up with Joomla's sessions.

    - Through the Joomla default Log-in Module, the user data does not appear in the Amember's access log table in it's database. Only when amember's "members.php" loads in an I-Frame on the joomla site does the access log gets updated and access rights based on users' group status are granted.

    - Logging out through Joomla's defult module appears to logout amember and joomla.

    And after briefly looking through Joomla's Amember 'system' plug-in, there does not seem to condition to update Amember in the event of logging in. Logging Out, Forgetting Password, and Registration all seem to be there. If Amember is suppose to monitor Joomla sessions and authenticate automatically based off that data, it does not.

    - With the custom HTML module with form actions you provided, both the amember's access logs are updated and a session for that Joomla user is created. Even in the sessions' table 'Usertype" is given to each user, but access rights with in the site are not given.

    There has to be at least one other function if not several that are called through the default Joomla log-in module than just setting sessions. What ever they are, they are not firing correctly through Amember's Joomla plugin.

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