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    Jan 7, 2014
    We're planning on acquiring new subscribers from a variety of sources and formats (house free list, email rentals, co-reg, PPC). We'd like to be able to track a code associated with the source providing the person converting to a sale.

    Some companies call these ad codes, referral codes, promo codes, but essentially it can be used to tell which campaign and source drove in that sale. I've looked into Google Analytics but it does not provide personally identifiable tracking information and it doesn't appear to append that data to the new subscriber's record on aMember.

    Is there a field in aMember that we can use to capture and store this value? Is that value appended to the subscriber record or to the record associated with the subscription he bought? The difference being that we offer multiple products and would like to uniquely track the source of each product sale. For example a person initially subscribes to product X and we give him a tracking code of 123 with that product X sale. A month later we do an upsell or cross sell or we even encounter him elsewhere and he buys product Y and we'd like to append to his product Y record a tracking code of 456. That way I can see where my product X sales are coming from versus product Y sales and so on, independent of the actual buyer. Is this possible with aMember?

    And how is the tracking data transmitted and captured? Via a substring in the URL that gets picked up by aMember and automatically added? For example, a link to a landing page might be that then gets picked up via session cookie when he hits the sign-up page and added to his record?

    Does aMember have anything like this or is this going to necessitate custom development?



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