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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by djcasual, Nov 25, 2003.

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    Question 1. Does aMember have a threshold option or could this be developed? For example, lets say we have product 1 that we want folks to preview before they get a login/sign up page. They would be able to access these pages X number of times until they reach the threshold limit. Once that threshold limit is hit, then the next time they try and access more product 1 pages they would get the protection page (login etc pages).

    Question 2. Is there a way to have allowed and deny access from a referrer? For example, we still want google to populate their searchable database with our site and allow google users to view the page when they find it in the google search database. (This may not be required if threshold is available)

    Question 3. Custom fields, how many custom fields can we add? Can we remove and add other custom fields without breaking the setup? Are these custom fields added to the mysql database and removed respectively?

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    1. It is possible for downloadable files and not implemented for HTML pages.

    2. aMember protects folders by using standart .htaccess files. You can modify .htaccess file as you want (and yes, it is possible to allow Google indexing). Using Apache's mod_rewrite you can allow access depending on referrer.

    3. You can do everything with custom fields and number is not limited. No, these fields are not added to database directly - we have a special container field which stores values for all these additional fields.
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    DJC, it cannot be done with phpMyAdmin, but aMember Pro has built-in report which will solve your task without pain.

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