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  1. I was looking for a membership management system for one of my clients and I was considering how to go about getting one written. When I wrote the spec I realised that my client would not pay for the apparent huge cost. I searched the Web and came across AMember Pro and Dream Account. The latter had a bit more of a professional looking site (in my opinion) so I contacted them about their script and my requirements. I got slow and very few emails back from them so I tried CGI-CENTRAL. As Alex (the author/owner) sated on his site - I got replies back within 24 hours and the replies actually answered my question and Alex even offered to do some of the customisations that I required.

    So I bought the script and started installing it and configuring it on my server. I came across a few problems but they were due to my lack of programming/server knowledge and Alex swiftly told me what to do. I got AMember Pro working in a few hours and I was delighted. The next daunting task was to configure it for my clients needs - I did this in about an hour. Next I had to add the products - this took me about 30 minutes. Then I created the Protected Areas and but could not get them working with AMember Pro. I emailed Alex and he came back to me within 24 hours (as usual) with the answers. I got the protected areas working and also configured them to insert user and memebrship data into forms and html text.

    THE MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM WAS WORKING (apparently). So i thought I better test it and it was all fine but couldn't believe it. So I left it as it was and went about branding all the pages outputted to users to my clients look and feel. This wouldn't have taken me so long as it did if it wasn;t for FrontPage as it kept changing the code when I saved files and messed up my php code. Anyway, I branded all the pages and got the system to work.

    I then told my client that the membership system was ready to launch without actually ebing 100% confident as what the script does it quite complex and it seemed to work.

    Well... within 1month my client has over 180 members using the system WITHOUT FAULT.

    So, the only way I can summarise everything is by the following:

    -->AMember Pro works, it does what it says it does (and more), Alex's support is superb and from a designer's point of view, it's pretty simple brand pages using templates, get the protection working, inserting and using user data in custom pages.<--

    Thank you Alex for a superb script and your help.

    For those of you who are interested in AMember Pro and can;t be bothered to go through the learning curve, I would like to say that I now know AMember Pro pretty well and can offer you services for all of the following for AMember pro:

    - Hosting
    - Database
    - Installation
    - Configuration
    - Custom Pages using user data
    - Template design and bradning of AMember Pro user pages.
    - Testing

    You can go to my site at for my sales pitch for AMember Pro, from which you can contact me for custome AMember Pro Projects. You can go to the site that I created using AMember Pro from this page but I'm not going to put it here as I don;t want my client to have false signups.

    Thank you Alex ! ;)

    Best Wishes,

    Bharat Karavadra

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