Thank you Alex! aMember saved my life!

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by vinny, Mar 31, 2007.

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    Mar 24, 2007
    Well, just kidding. I don't write too many Testimonials - but aMember definitely deserves a great big THUMBS UP! :p

    I am a Graphic Designer for Print/Web and my business is small but growing rapidly. I needed to find software solutions that would take a lot of the *hassles* for someone like me, who is not a master PHP pro, or generally sub-contracts major coding work out - by integrating a payment/subscription/automated package handling for Web Design and Hosting products. I needed to find solutions that I could customize and develop further ...but software that would work with me - not against me.

    • A shopping cart to simply purchase hosting or design packages is overkill;
    • Developing this on my own would be very intensive since my skill is not that great in PHP, and it would take a lot of time and labor to do this;
    • I finally purchased ModernBill, but found that it too was overkill for my needs, and their newest version was sluggish. MB is perfect for larger companies who solely do Hosting, but Hosting is only 1 package I offer. I don't wish to manage or host more than 50 cients maximum - ever.
    • Recurring billing should be as simple as aMember makes it.

    1. I spoke to Alex pre-sales, and he catered to my needs perfectly!
    2. Looking through customization, I found aMember VERY easy to customize!
    3. Running into mods or errors - I received support less than 24 hours! (Thanks Andrey)
    4. I enjoy the aMember Forums much better than other similar forums flooded with resellers or spam or mean spirited whiners.
    5. I'll be here in the Forums asking questions and reporting errors if they arise. I will also lend help wherever I can when I am fully fluent in aMember.
    6. I trust and hope that aMember will continue to thrive! aMember was that 1 piece of software that has helped my business dramatically. I am using it exactly as expected and how I wish to. No more, no less. I am confident that aMember will get so much better with time!

    Thank you!

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