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    I just wanted to share with everyone the good luck I've had using aMember Pro member / subscription management software for one of my websites (http://www.jeremymarkuminnercircle.com).

    The reason I bring it up, is that as far as I know, it's the ONLY subscription management system that has a plugin specifically for EE, that does recurring billing, userid & password management, multiple levels of membership, and all the rest...and yes, it does interface with EE user database, and NO it does not break (so far) when EE releases an upgrade.

    One other thing that's possible, that I've seen alot of questions in the forum about, is that you can AUTOMATICALLY assign people to DIFFERENT Member Groups in EE--so long as you have them setup ahead of time. Then, of course, you can use the Template Access feature to restrict site access to different content based on which Member Group someone belongs to when they log in.

    A few points though:

    1) aMember Pro isn't free (but it's worth the $120-$175 they charge), and you would need an additional license for each unique domain you want to integrate with (although I think there is a way around this depending on how your host uses "addon" domains).

    2) You NEED to let aMember Pro handle the login (and logouts)--NOT EE...what's cool though, is you can configure the redirect after login to whereever you want, and EE treats the person as {logged_in}. Then you can also use conditionals based upon Member Group.

    3) It's not the prettiest UI in the world, and making it match your site is sort of a pain. Plus, when aMember does an upgrade, all the hard work you put it customizing your templates goes down the drain, unless there's something I'm missing which is very possible.

    1-3 basically covers all the "gotchas."

    Bottom line, though, is that aMember's support staff is absolutely amazing (much like EE). You create a ticket when you have a problem, and the problem gets fixed ASAP. And like I said, it's the ONLY solution I know of for subscription management that works with EE so nicely.

    I hope this helps a few people solve complicated challenges with EE. Thought I'd give something back for all the wonderful support I've received here on the boards when I needed it.

    --aMember Pro runs on PHP / MySQL
    --supports authorize.net payment gateway, paypal (and many others)
    --can be found at: http://www.cgi-central.net/scripts/amember/



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