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Discussion in 'Customization & add-ons' started by aschechtman, May 6, 2008.

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    Oct 31, 2007
    Here's my dilemma, hoping others have already confronted this and can suggest some good solutions . . .

    I have a free trial and a purchased subscription. Each has an e-mail autoresponder series. The message series runs in parallel meaning that the trial subscriber and the paid subscribers get similar messages on Day 5 (with small differences between them). What I would like to do is set things up so when the trial user purchases they jump to the same position in the paid subscription's autoresponder series. If they start back at Day 0 on the paid subscription autoresponder series, they'll receive messages nearly identical to those they got during their free trial.

    I've queried the big A. and learned that there's not yet functionality within aMember to switch autoresponder series (in the example above the user would remain on both the trial and the paid subscription autoresponder series).

    Here's the work-around I'm thinking of using:

    1) When user buys a paid subscription (I'm using 1ShoppingCart), they're automatically subscribed to a 1ShoppingCart (1SC) autoresponder series.
    2) After their purchase, I manually do two things -
    a) In 1SC, I change the day in their autoresponder series in 1ShoppingCart to correspond with where they were in the trial autoresponder series.
    b) in aMember, I cancel their trial subscription.

    The manual aspects of this will be a pain in the butt. Also, if it takes me a couple of days to do this, they'll still get e-mails from the trial autoresponder after their purchase which could be confusing.

    Has anyone found a good way to do something like this? I'd be willing to buy another plugin or mailing list product if it helped manage this better than my workaround.


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