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    Aug 22, 2006
    There is not much info about this subuser plugin, i try to achieve the below, can someone let me know if thats possible with the subuser plugin ?

    This is what i need:
    I have a signup form with blocks of subsers I sell (with default subscription to a product).
    a user go ahead and purchase Lets say 5 block of subusers.
    he then become a reseller of my site.

    The reseller can sell these subuser accounts.
    when an subuser has been activated, this account will have a start and end date and the package it was assigned as default.
    the reseller have rights to: change name,username, password and email for a subuser. (he cannot change package or expiry date). Once the account expire. he cannot reuse it. Once all 5 blocks of subuser accounts has expired. he must purchase additional X blocks of users.

    Thank you

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