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    Aug 22, 2006
    EDIT: I found that by adding the amember username to the database access list, the plugin seems to work fine. It would be nice if the plugin had input fields for username, password, database, etc. instead of having to piece-together a string and use certain usernames/etc.
    I just bought the SMF plugin and am having a bit of trouble figuring-out the aMember configuration that says:

    "database name (if other database) plus SMF board
    tables prefix, like smf.smf_
    here smf board in database ib and tables prefix is smf_
    after change click SAVE twice"

    Not the most clear instructions I've seen and there is no readme or anything to explain this in more detail that I can find.

    I have my SMF database under a different username/password on a named host. Therefore, I cannot use "localhost" and need to decipher what magic string to intput into the single aMember configuration box to specify a along with the database name and prefix.

    Has anyone set this SMF plugin up yet and can offer help?


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