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    Aug 23, 2011
    Hey guys, could use some help form anyone who sees this...

    I had to move my site in a hurry, host gator locked me out for excessive INODE usage.. .

    So I did a Cpanel move to the new server.

    At first nothing worked, amember support told me to change the database password. and update the config file. I did this and at least now users can login...

    But I still cannot add new users either manually or dynamically via API..

    In my log file there are 100's of errors that state SQL State 000 [1045] access denied for user members_sub@local host...

    This is not really a user this is a folder in the root directly of the site. It's the location of the sub domain.

    IE is the root is a sub doamin of the root located in the members_sub folder...

    I'm thinking there is another permission regarding this sub domain... Maybe a disconnect with the SQL database and teh sub domain account?

    I appreciate any help anyone can provide...

    I am having new members asking for refunds because they are not getting access to the content.. This is really affecting my business, as we have 40 or so new members a day..

    Thanks Rob

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