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    Nov 3, 2006
    One of the big issues when starting with aMember is what to do with your existing user base. There are only two ways to do it at the moment.
    1. Import users from the existing application and change all of the passwords
    2. Use the 'common' login system

    The problem with the first is if you have a lot of users there are heaps of emails to send and then the enquiries and complaints, it is also unprofessional.

    The second relies on the user entering exactly the same information into aMember as the original application. This is problematic at best, what if they have changed their email address or can't remember what they put in originally?

    What I have developed is a transfer system. The first one that has been written is for IP.Board v3.1 what happens is that the users are imported into aMember, they are added to products as required. The next time they login to your system aMember will use the conversion list, update the internal aMember password, synchronise all installed plugins and .. well that's it.

    No hassling users, no changing passwords, all linked applications handled, totally integrated conversion.

    Now you are expecting a huge bill right ... wrong!

    For up to 1,000 users with 2 products it is under $100... Now what more could you ask?

    1. FTP Access to the system
    2. phpMyAdmin (to do backups)
    3. Admin access to the original application
    4. Admin access to aMember
    5. Original distribution files from application (eg IP.Board) if it is not already on the list
    6. For unusual applications that require custom coding an extra fee may apply

    This is a real solution, only one aMember file is changed to handle the processing.


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