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Discussion in 'Templates customization' started by saminv, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. saminv

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    Dec 12, 2011
    Hi all,

    I'm looking for the way to put the labels on the signup page above the box where the text needs te be entered.

    I also have a second question, I use Amember to protect a full member site. It is installed in

    I have a sales front in wordpress before that site on the base url I would like to integrate the signup form on one of the pages on the sales front wordpress site. So I can't use the wordpress integration i guess since members don't need to signup for the sales website.

    How can I strip the signup form and place it in a wordpress page?

    All that I really need are the blocks name / Email / pasword and payment system that I can put on a wordpress page.

    Thx for the help

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