Short term subscriptions w/forever access to files for that time frame

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    Mar 9, 2011
    We offer a number of products such as ebooks and subscriptions to different products. For example, a subscription can be for an 8 week time frame and during that period, the subscriber receives a pdf file each week for those 8 weeks. We currently archive those files in a folder only they have access to so they can come back and access them anytime. Any ebook they purchase goes in the same folder.

    Will aMember v4 auto-archive these items so that a subscriber can return and see only those items to which they are entitled from the given time period? Will they be prevented from seeing/downloading files we sell prior to or after their paid subscription time period ends on the same membership plan? Subscribers don't start and stop at the same times. One can subscribe today for the next 12 weeks, and someone else can subscribe next week for 8 weeks and some people have been with us for 5 years. We want them to only be able to have permanent access to the files that were added during the time period of their subscription.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you may provide.
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    Jan 8, 2003
    Customization will be required to achive such protection scheme. By default, user will have an access to all files asociated with subscription.

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