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Discussion in 'Customization & add-ons' started by sschafer, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. sschafer

    sschafer Guest

    Since a user has already authenticated when they visit a protected page on my site, I'd like to alleviate their having to log in through aMember if they (during same session) choose to admin their account.

    When aMember is accessed (here, through the member.php script), it remains blissfully unaware of any auth information. How/what/where can I set to tell aMember what the user's name and PW is and to go get the rest of their info?

    (User and pass are stored in the PHP vars $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_USER'] and $_SERVER['PHP_AUTH_PW'] while in the realm that was authenticated. Hopefully I can simply assign them to appropriate session vars that aMember will then reference...)

    Any ideas?


  2. alex

    alex Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 24, 2004
    Steve, it could be possible to do, but why don't use "new_rewrite" protection instead of htpasswd?
  3. sschafer

    sschafer Guest

    Extended conversation ongoing directly with CGIC support, but for anyone else who has this issue I'll summarize:

    We have an external resource that needs to access the .htgroup/passwd files. However, since aMember allows for multiple methods of protection I should be able to use both .ht and rewrite to accomplish what I need.

    (Thanks to Alex for the prompt responses and support!)


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